5 Grass Solutions for Your Neighborhood

Neighborhoods are made up of a community of people who have different interests in life that drive them. But together, their community can create an atmosphere for families to grow and spend time with each other. Whether it’s at the local park, on the golf green or at a sports facility, the time spent together often involves grass.

With artificial grass solutions, your neighborhood can provide safe and beautiful settings for people of all ages to gather and enjoy life and with a lot less hassle than traditional grass. Here are a few places you can use artificial grass right in your own neighborhood.

Your Own Backyard

Maybe you live in an area where it’s hard to keep your grass looking lively or perhaps your time for lawn maintenance is limited. A highly durable synthetic turf will make your next backyard barbeque look and feel picture perfect without all the added frustration. This will give you a functional lawn that looks and feels like real grass and is durable. There are several styles to choose from for both commercial and residential landscapes.

At The Playground

The grass at a playground should be as fun as the play equipment itself. Putting down artificial grass at your local playground will ensure the kids in your region have a safe and clean environment. You can also choose from a variety of bright colors to liven things up.

Play Areas for Pets

Let’s not forget our furry, four-legged friends. Special K9Grass was created for dog play areas (both indoor and out) and walk areas. It has special antimicrobial agents and flow-through backing to provide your dog with a safe turf alternative. It’s easy to clean and non-toxic. That means no more muddy paw prints or patches of dead grass in your yard. For you and your four-legged friend, it’s a win-win situation.

Playing Fields and Athletic Arenas

Synthetic grass is popular with sports fields and athletic arenas because of its durability and functionality. Its level of performance is high. Choosing a synthetic grass solution is perfect for outdoor football fields, indoor soccer arenas and much more. Not only will your local playing field look great, but it’s going to last and without nearly as much painstaking and costly maintenance.

Water Parks and Pools

Using artificial turf at your pool or water park can provide a beautiful, green and low-maintenance surface. Replace the hard cement areas with low-slip artificial grass that also includes highly effective drainage. This provides your customers with an aesthetically pleasing swimming environment that feels more natural. That also means less maintenance time and costs for you and your staff. Artificial turf works just as well for residential pool settings as commercial ones.

Looking for grass solutions for yourself or your community? You can’t go wrong with artificial turf. Clean, durable and low-maintenance, synthetic grass makes a perfect option for indoor and outdoor settings you hope to beautify and make more functional.