When Should You See an Orthodontist?

Orthodontists are dentists who have more advanced training in making teeth move. If you are embarrassed by your smile, then you should see an orthodontist in Annapolis, MD.

The American Association of Orthodontists (AAO) recommends children see an orthodontist by the age of seven. When children have reached this age, the adult molars have emerged and a back bite is established. This is when an orthodontist can take the best look at the teeth. There can be a number of potential problems that an orthodontist can catch if they are seen early enough.

Reasons to See an Orthodontist Early for Children

Jaw Growth: Some children will require earlier treatment by an orthodontist in Annapolis, MD, to help guide the jaw growth. This will help make sure they have the proper bite. This treatment can consist of orthodontic appliances to help the jaw grow while the child is still growing and developing.

Check Bad Habits: Bad oral habits, such as tongue thrusting or thumb sucking, can cause changes to the jaw shape and misaligned teeth. There are treatments to correct these habits and the sooner treatments are done and addressed, the less damage these habits can cause.

Checking Non-Erupted Teeth: An orthodontist can use different X-rays to take a look at what is happening underneath the gums and the position and growth of teeth, joints, and bones. This allows an orthodontist to plan treatment early enough for the best possible outcome.

Early Treatment Can Be Less Costly and Easier: It can be much easier to treat any conditions early, as well as less expensive.

Gives Your Child Self-Confidence: Having a beautiful smile and straight teeth can give your child a boost of self-confidence. When children receive orthodontic treatment earlier on in life, it will make them feel good about themselves.

You already know that your child should see an orthodontist early on, but that doesn’t mean you can’t see one as an adult. If you cover your mouth with your hand when you smile and are self-conscious because of your smile, then the time to see orthodontists can be now. Orthodontists are not just for kids and, according to AAO, about one-in-five orthodontic patients is an adult. Treatment can work at any age. In older patients, compliance isn’t a problem. There are also a growing number of clear brackets to make it hard to tell if you are even wearing orthodontic appliances. If you worry that treatment could interfere with your professional image, then you can ask about less visible options. It’s not all just about looks. Teeth that are aligned can be easier to maintain and clean and are less subject to abnormal wear. A better bite can help your teeth stay healthy.