An introduction to chemical peels

Chemical peels are a special type of cosmetic treatment procedure that can increase the appearance of your skin. During chemical peels Toronto, a special chemical solution will be applied on the patient’s skin. The chemical will create a kind of an ‘eruption’ on the skin and peel the layers of skin off. After removing the top most layer, the new skin will be smoother. Also, it will have less wrinkles. 

In fact, chemical peels Toronto can be done on your face, neck or even on the hands. A chemical peel procedure can be used to achieve any of the following results. 

  • To make mitigate the appearance of the fine lines that are usually found under the eyes and around the mouth area. 
  • To reduce wrinkles that are caused due to aging and sun damage. 
  • To lessen the appearance of the non-severe scars.
  • To treat some of the acne types. 
  • To reduce dark patches (called melasma), age spots, freckles etc. 
  • To increase the general appearance and the feel of the skin.  

As a result of the chemical peels Toronto, your skin will be very sensitive specially to the sun. Therefore, you will be instructed by your skin clinic to wear an appropriate sunscreen every day. The sunscreen you use must come with the text ‘broad-spectrum’ on the label. That means, it should be able to protect the skin from UVA and UVB rays of the son. In addition to that, the sunscreen must come with an SPF level of 30. Be sure that you reduce the time spent under sunlight. Try to stay indoor as much as possible specially between 10.00AM to 2.00PM.  Also, make sure to wear a wide-brimmed hat. 

Who can receive chemical peels? 

If you have a fair skin and are lightly haired, you are an ideal candidate for this treatment. However, even the individuals with darker skin can experience good results based on the issue being addressed. But dark-skinned individuals can experience uneven skin tone as a side effect. 

Your skin care specialist at Sovereign Skin is the best person to determine the type of the chemical peel that is most suitable for you.