Filing for divorce in North Carolina: Things to know!

Unfortunately, a lot of marriages do end up in divorce, and it is often a complicated, overwhelming, and distressful process. If you want to file for divorce in North Carolina, you need to know that this is a no-fault state. This means that you don’t have to cite a reason to ask for divorce, as long as eligible criteria are met. It is, however, wise to contact a reliable Wilmington family law attorney to get things done, so that you can protect your rights and interests. In this post, we are sharing more on things to know for filing divorce in NC. 

The requirements

One of the key requirements is one must have lived in North Carolina for six months before filing for the divorce. Also, the couple must have separated and lived separately for at least one year before the actual filing. These 12 months have to be in succession. In other words, if you or your spouse moved back together even for a day, you will have to live separately again for a year before you can file for divorce. There is a filing fee that must be paid. 

Types of divorces

While North Carolina is a no-fault state, it is possible to get a bed and board divorce, where the court will allow for separation before the divorce materializes. Divorce from bed and board can be considered for cases that are related to abandonment, adultery, substance abuse, humiliation, forced departure, and abuse. Note that the court will take a call on whether divorce from bed and board can be considered for a case.

Should you hire an attorney?

Divorces can be complicated, especially property, assets, and kids are involved. It makes sense to find a reliable and known family law attorney to help you through the process. From the initial paperwork, to handling all the relevant matters with your spouse, your attorney will take care of everything. Your family law attorney will also ensure that you don’t get a raw deal.

Even if you and your spouse agree to most things, get a reliable attorney on your side.