Four Types of Tiles Suitable: Choosing the Right One for the Right Space

Tiles are famous design materials for both kitchen and bathroom renovations. They have been used for ages and while great man-made materials have become a famous choice among people in recent years, tiles are still valued for their beauty and cost-effectiveness. This post will walk you through the different types of tiles:

Ceramic and Porcelain 

These tiles are ideal for low-cost surfacing with a nearly infinite choice of styles. Although not all ceramic tiles are cheap, you can find bargain ceramic tiles that can still take the beauty of your home to the next level.  Ceramic tiles are porous so they should be applied with a glaze and fired again to harden the glaze. Aside from its cost-saving value, ceramic tile can be formed in a variety of colours and shapes. Ceramic tiles are among your choices when you look into tuiles Carreaux Metro collection. 

Meanwhile, porcelain tile is a variety of ceramic tile certified by an industry body for meeting a higher standard of water absorption than ceramic. You will want to opt for porcelain tiles for high moisture areas such as next to bathtubs and showers. 

Glass Tiles

These tiles are ideal for creating flashy, fun vertical surfaces. They are commonly used for kitchen and bathroom backsplashes. Since glass tiles crack under pressure, they are not appropriate for floors. The majority of glass mosaic glass is attached to a web backing that lets you install one square foot at a time. This type of tile features a lustrous beauty that other tile materials cannot match.

Quarry Tiles

They are perfect for both indoor and outdoor floorings like hallways and foyers. They come with a tough surface, which makes them ideal for flooring since they offer a good grip. However, quarry tiles are not good for kitchen countertops since they are porous and that can absorb water at a high rate. But, while these tiles can be sealed to make them less porous, they are still inappropriate for surfaces used to prepare food. 


Tiles made from natural stones are perfect for both bathrooms and kitchens. Granite has been the winner in the kitchen design tournament. However, granite easily cracks and is porous. Thus, granite tiles must be sealed and polished regularly. Also, granite and marble do not resist scratches and high-temperatures from hot kitchen pans and pots. But, natural stone tiles have a variegated colour and texture that can’t be beaten by ceramic.