When to Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer

If you suffer a personal injury due to someone else’s negligence or fault, seek the help of a good lawyer as soon as possible. True it is that receiving medical treatment is your top priority but delaying in filing a compensation claim will take you nowhere.

In all states, there is a time deadline for filing a lawsuit and beyond that limit, no compensation claim is accepted. Also remember, you have to face resourceful insurance companies represented by the most eminent, efficient and experienced lawyers. Because of this, retaining legal counsel immediately after the accident sounds a sane idea.

Not all personal injury cases require the involvement of a lawyer but in most situations that leave the victims with a serious injury, you will benefit from the vast knowledge and specialized skill of a Ventura injury lawyer who is aware of the personal injury laws and how the legal system works.

As the other party’s insurance company fields competent lawyers to safeguard their own interest, it won’t be a fair game if you are not represented by a lawyer. The question is how you will know if your particular situation requires the help of an attorney or you can handle everything on your own.

Followings are four scenarios to make everything clear:

You sustained permanent disability or a fatal injury

If the accident has left you with a serious injury or permanent disability, you should not take any legal action without a lawyer’s help. Taking a chance makes no sense when permanent pain, suffering, medical bills, and wage loss are on the pipeline. Many lawyers offer free consultation and therefore, meeting an attorney is highly recommended to know the course of actions available for a successful compensation claim.

A severe injury or permanent disability requires long-time or lifelong treatment. Hiring a personal injury attorney is the best way to prevent heavy financial stress by passing on the burden to the at-fault party’s insurance company.

Multiple parties are involved

If multiple parties are involved in an accident, taking advice from a personal injury attorney is the best idea for not being stuck with medical bills. Lawyers have experience and expertise in dealing with multiple insurers simultaneously and building a case to protect their clients.

You have no idea about who is responsible

If you are not sure who is responsible for the accident, you should seek an appointment with an attorney. In such a situation, the at-fault party’s insurer will always try to hold you responsible for damages. Consulting with a lawyer will help your protect your legal rights as well as defend you from cross-claims and counterclaims.

Insurance company delaying or denying your claim

Insurance companies know well that only 1% of people have a good hang of the procedures and complexities of personal injury lawsuits. Because of this, insurance companies take full advantage of laymen’s ignorance to deny a person’s legitimate injury claim as they are convinced 99% of personal injury victims cannot do anything about it.

Furthermore, insurance companies often delay claims as it is their tactic to compel the victim into submission. They know victims are in tight condition and with days passing by, medical bills are snowballing. By taking advantage of this situation, the insurers offer only a part of your claim. Asking a lawyer for help will prevent you from meeting either of these dire situations.