How Essential Oils Work on a Cellular Level

With natural and herbal remedies rising in popularity, many people are searching for a simple and wholesome method to boost their overall health and well-being. Essential oils, which are aromatic compounds extracted from plants, are highly effective natural remedies that come with a myriad of benefits for both physical and mental health. There are many different types of Young Living Essential Oils to choose from, and each of them has a distinct purpose. Before you decide which oil is best for you, though, it’s helpful to understand how these natural remedies work. Here is an overview of how essential oils function on a cellular level.

Regulating Inflammation

One of the main tasks of essential oils is regulating inflammation. Inflammation that is properly managed is a crucial aspect of good health. Certain types of essential oils, such as oregano, help to decrease the damage caused by free radicals and reduce inflammation. This is due to the antioxidant-rich nature of oregano and similar oils. In addition, carvacrol, the main compound in oregano oil, reduces the number of inflammatory particles in the immune system. As a result, the immune system can allow inflammation to remain at a healthy level.

Protecting the Colon

Because the colon can be vulnerable to certain toxins, using Young Living Essential Oils is crucial to enhancing the health of this organ. Some examples of essential oils that can improve your colon health include:


  • Juglans regia (European walnut)
  • Cinnamon bark
  • Juniper
  • Ginger oil


Cinnamon bark, which contains the organic compound cinnamaldehyde, is a particularly effective remedy for colon problems. It naturally protects the cells in your colon from oxidation and damage that is caused by the buildup of toxins. In this way, cinnamon bark and other essential oils play a large role in protecting the health of your organs on a cellular level.

Relieving Joint Pain

If you struggle with any kind of pain in your bones or joints, there are several types of Young Living Essential Oils that can help provide you with relief. However, one of the most effective oils that you can use for joint pain is copaiba oil. This natural remedy works by releasing beta-endorphins, which are proteins that help to reduce pain and enhance pleasure. Incorporating copaiba essential oil into your life can prove to be a highly effective solution for joint pain.

Experience the Health Benefits of Essential Oils Today

The hard work that essential oils do in your body on a cellular level can have many healing effects. By using the right Young Living Essential Oils for your needs, you’re taking a major step towards enjoying a better quality of life.