Travelling to USA – Check if your ESTA Visa has gone through

The USA receives more than 3.8 million British tourists every year. If you are a British national and checking out the options to travel to the USA, you should go with the ESTA application. Opting for the passport alone would not be enough. You need to check if your ESTA application has gone through in the right way. 

What is ESTA, and why is it Important? 

ESTA is a document designed for the purpose of online validation of the eligibility status of the residents for a stay in the US. Commonly called ESTA Visa, it has been the right alternative to visa. 

USA offers the ESTA USA option for the residents from the approved countries, and Britain is one of them. If you are a British national, you are advised to take a step to check your ESTA validation well in time so that there are no issues in later stages of your travel. 

How can you apply for ESTA Visa?

ESTA stands for Electronic System for Travel Authorization. The regulation was implemented in 2009 and would be applicable to the visa exempt nations from across the list of 30 approved nations. You should get access to the document well in advance. The application is handled through the online procedure and can be the right option than applying for Visa. 

Once you obtain ESTA Visa, you can stay in the US for up to 90 days. You cannot take up any other option than tourism and business visits. Do note that taking up activities like studies and employment is not permitted. 

The following countries are permitted to travel to the USA with the ESTA documentation. 

You should ideally get the ESTA confirmation and validation within one hour of submitting your application. 

The ESTA, once validated, will be valid for a period of two years, provided your passport is valid for that particular period. If your passport expires before that, your ESTA should be valid for the period of your passport validity. 

The features on the ESTA are almost equivalent to those on ETIAS, which is a similar initiative in the EU region. Do note that getting ESTA is only about getting the eligibility certification for your travel.  

What makes ESTA a better option as an alternative to Visa is it does not come with the complex procedures associated with Visa. It is quite simple to apply, and also involves a considerably lower cost. You just need to spend nothing more than $ 14 for ESTA validation. 

So, if you re planning to visit the US for any of the needs other than permanent stay, educatio, and job – check if you have the necessary ESTA application ready and get it validated well in time.