8 Gifts For A Person Who Is Obsessed With All Things Natural

Organic is the new trend! From tea to cosmetics, everything has become natural nowadays and if you know a person who is in love with this new craze then this article is written specifically to help you out! Nature lovers are not so hard to gift but every time, you cannot pick up a neem-based face wash to present them with healthy, fresh-looking skin. Expand your horizons and gift them something so unique that they can’t stop gushing about it to everyone they know. Here is a list of few things that might help you to please one of your favourite persons in the world!

Adopt A Tree

Our planet is in a major crisis and your nature-loving friend sure understands the need for saving trees. They might not be able to go out on a limb and help due to the daily routine of life but surely adopting a tree will help their intentions to save the environment. Make them a happy soul and adopt a tree on their behalf and give it their name to mark the celebration.

Gift A Plant

Plants are such a blissful gift that words can’t do justice to it. Health, wealth and beauty, all three quotients bound in one token of love that strengthens the bond with your favourite person in the world. If you are not sure which greens to gift, gift herbal plants in India which are rich in medicinal values and also bring a dash of colour in the house, making the interiors livelier.

Pick The Flowers

Nothing could be more natural than nature itself and that too in its most beautiful form. Bloom up the aura in the house with the choicest of flowers, plants and make your special someone feel a red-lettered blush on their face. After all, the miracle of a flower is more than just its fragrance.

Nature Inspired Journal

Writing is always a good idea and to do so in a journal made with recycled paper, and adorning a cover embellished with nature-inspired tones certainly takes the words notches up. It could be used as a bullet journal or to confide the feelings, this one will become the best friend of your loved one in no time.

Tickets To Retreat

Away from the city’s nuisance, gift a retreat to your near and dear ones in the lap of nature for a couple of days. The charm that it will cast on their heart goes beyond saying. Book a bed and breakfast for them in the countryside for the weekend or a ticket to a nearby hill station, where they could let go of, all their worries and breathe-in the fresh air. They will not stop thanking you for this one!

Gourmet Tea Collection

It couldn’t get better for a tea lover! Infused with the goodness of nature, each box of this tea set carries a distinctive, aromatic flavour of tea picked from one of the finest tastes around the world. Not just taste, this tea box carried the benefits of health too in it. A super start on every morning, this one will fit like a puzzle with a nature lover!

Natural Oils

You cannot overlook a collection of aromatic natural oils for your friend who is in love with natural selection. These oils work wonders for the skin and also spur healing essence on the body. Paraben-free and cruelty-free, these oils can be used in diffusers and humidifiers too.

Organic Handmade Soap

A perfect blend of fruit juice, essentials oil, shea, and coconut butter, these soaps are cent percent organic and carry an irresistible aroma that one just cannot ignore. They come in a beautiful packaging wrapped with ribbons and love so that your special someone doesn’t miss the effort that you made for them while getting something they are so fond of.