How important are customs brokers for your importing business?

Importing commercial goods into the US may be more complicated than most entrepreneurs imagine. Dealing with documentation and ensuring smooth communication with Customs and Border Protection (CBP) can be overwhelming, and that’s where a customs broker may help. For the unversed, customs brokers are licensed by CBP, and you should know that hiring one is completely a choice, not compulsory by law. Services like Clearit FBA freight forwarding work with importers to ensure compliance and streamline their operations. This brings us to the main question – How important are customs brokers and does your business need one? In this post, we are sharing some of the basics. 

Understanding the role

Why would you need a customs broker, when all the CBP rules, regulations, and other details are freely available? The answer lies in the complications of international trade. It is rather impossible to keep up with the ever-changing rules, regulations and stringent norms of CBP, and the evolving nature of international trade. An import customs-broker basically ensures that your documentation is right, your business is adhering to the standards of international trade, and they will make sure that tariff codes are applied to shipments as applicable. Where there is a need to communicate further with Customs and Border Protection (CBP), they do it on your behalf. 

Beyond the basics

The truth is international trading laws are constantly evolving, and changes often come into force without importers actually noticing the same. Even a small mistake can have serious consequences, unwanted fines, and the last thing you would want is an issue with the CBP, which can impact your operations. Customs brokers are known for their expertise and understanding of international trading laws, and they often work as consultants, offering valuable information for their clients when it comes to importing in select categories and from certain regions. In case an audit survey comes up, your broker will offer advice on that too, so that a complete audit can be done away with. 

To sum up

While hiring a customs broker may seem like a choice, it isn’t one for most importers. These services work with clients for the long term as needed and ensure that importers don’t have to deal with the paperwork and complications that’s related to international trade. Your business can flourish better when you have a customs broker guiding you on the basics of importing & exporting right from the start.