How to Get Hired Instantly After Completing BCA?

In India, students can enrol in a three-year bachelor’s degree program called Bachelor of Computer Applications or BCA to learn about the theory and practice of computer programming and its array of practical applications. This BCA course covers everything from system management, cloud services, and networking to programming, algorithms and more. Such BCA programs are highly sought-after by aspirants who want to specialise in a wide range of technological domains and launch successful careers in the information technology (IT) sector. 

A BCA degree is comparable to a BTech/BE in Computer Science or IT. With this degree, prospective students can build a solid academic foundation for a serious career in computer applications-related roles.

Few Tips For BCA Fresher Hiring

There are several bca hiring companies in India today. And most of these offer lucrative job roles and a high pay scale. A few tips to get recruited by such companies are listed in the paragraphs below:

  • Enrol in certification courses.

The essential skill for a BCA graduate is fluency in at least one programming language. A programming language certification course might be wise if you want to learn the language thoroughly. Moreover, it will help your programming portfolio grow. Hiring managers value candidates who are fluent in specific programming languages and have a robust portfolio of software solutions.

  • Build programs to gain added benefits.

Since practice makes perfect, it is no different for BCA graduates. Creating a diversified set of programs for your portfolio is often one of the most surefire ways to get placed at a top enterprise. For this, choose different aspects of modern day business issues and try to resolve them with an efficient and robust program. Build apps that run on all platforms and are scalable. Upload our documentation and source code on GitHub and your final end-product on Dribble, or create your own portfolio website. 

  • Apply for Internships

It’s always a good idea to apply for internships in this sector, even if you don’t currently need the experience or can’t start working in the industry until next summer. Why? Because learning about the inner workings of IT organisations and what they expect from new hires is a huge advantage for both the candidate and the organisation. Besides, your resume will benefit from this experience, and if it’s a paid internship, you can also put some money in your pocket.

  • Pursue an MBA Degree

Candidates with a Bachelor’s degree in computer application may benefit from pursuing an MBA degree. An MBA opens doors to managerial positions in the business world, including those in the IT industry. This degree acts as an accelerator for candidates who can apply for leadership roles after an MBA degree. There is also a surge in the pay scale after the successful completion of an MBA degree.

  • Construct a network of contacts

Establishing and expanding one’s network is crucial to professional success in virtually every sector. The employment process is notoriously competitive, especially in the IT  industry. Constructing a solid network of industry leaders and colleagues may help you stand out from the crowd and reach more desirable opportunities.

  • Focus on your niche.

As a fresher, you may want to diversify your skillset and domain knowledge to reach more organisations and recruiters. However, it is integral that you focus adequately on your preferred niche. So, begin by identifying your niche, whether you want to work as a systems engineer, software developer, tester, et al. Also, identify the technology tools that you are well equipped to work with. Learn new-age programming languages such as AngularJS, d3JS, NodeJS, and Python, as well.

  • Put in a NIC Application

A significant fraction of BCA hopefuls had never heard of NIC. The National Informatics Center (NIC) is a government agency in India that is part of the Ministry of Electronics and IT. Its mission is to get people employed by the government in the field of information technology. Therefore, this might be a viable choice for those seeking positions in the government or other public offices. 

  • Work as a Freelance Programmer

Freelancing is an option if you have decent experience with computer programming for building software products or apps. Aside from the obvious benefit of putting your spare time to good use, you’ll also be able to expand your horizons and learn something new. Freelancing gigs also offer a lucrative pay scale. Moreover, while working as a freelancer, you are allowed to pick and choose the projects and clients you take on. Yet, it is tough for newbies to land good clients from the word go since freelancing continues to remain an extremely competitive space. 

  • Attend Grad School

While it’s true that having relevant domain knowledge and experience might increase your chances of getting employed, some companies need a master’s degree as part of the application process. Remember that you may always get a job after completing your Bachelor’s degree in Computer Application, but obtaining a Master’s degree will increase your chances of being hired by reputable MNCs.

  1. Don’t Quit for Low Wages

It’s essential to remember that finding a respectable job right after graduating with a BCA degree is a tall order for any fresh college grad. However, suppose BCA hiring companies offer the right candidates desirable positions but at a lower pay scale as compared to postgraduate degree holders. In that case, you should seize the opportunity with a stellar performance on the job. Such extra mile work will always be rewarded with raises and promotions. Therefore, you should not quit a secure career for financial reasons alone.

In Conclusion

BCA 2022 hiring companies look to recruit talented BCA graduates to ensure businesses can meet the needs of the digital era. These recruits work on software development projects, monitor applications already deployed, debug for errors and upgrade systems to make them more efficient. To know more about the BCA hiring process and the top companies to apply for, connect with an expert mentor at the Sunstone website today!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which company give job after BCA?

Many businesses worldwide hire BCA graduates for their innate ability to solve software problems and build new software products for the company. Most IT companies lead this recruitment process. 

Do companies hire BCA students?

Yes, several companies, especially in the IT sector, actively hire BCA graduates for job roles such as software developer, product manager, systems architect, cloud service manager, et al.

Which company is best for BCA?

No one company is best for BCA graduates. Candidates must consider the pay scale, location, job description and the company’s track record before applying for any role.