One of the wisest investments is a house with a pool where one can exercise, relax, enjoy, de-stress and stay calm. With a pool, you will have an outdoor area to unwind and cool out, which is advantageous in Goodyear’s weather. Goodyear is situated in Arizona’s Maricopa County, a Phoenix suburb. The housing market is expanding as more people and families buy homes in this rapidly growing city, resulting in the city’s tremendous growth and expansion.

The modern Goodyear AZ homes for sale with a pool give you the chance to enjoy the warm sunshine and give you a fast getaway to reduce stress.

Below are some of the reasons for owning a house with a pool.

  • Good Resale Value

Homes with a pool make a good investment as they have a good resale value. However, you only have to ensure that the place is well-maintained and in good shape. It will be beneficial in the long run if you decide to sell the property. You will be able to sell your property for twice as much as homes without a pool, in addition to receiving a significant number of bids.

Goodyear has a population of 83,519, covering a total area of 495.5 km2. Compared to the national average, house prices in Goodyear are more reasonable. So, Goodyear AZ homes for sale with a pool provide you with the opportunity of the best investment that will reap benefits in the future. If you reside in a neighborhood where swimming pools are common, not having one significantly lowers your home’s marketability. Even if you don’t plan to sell, raising the value of your property will enhance your equity.

  • Improves The Look Of The House

One of the most excellent ways to improve the aesthetics of your place is by adding a pool to the backyard. The possibilities for designing your pool paradise are virtually unlimited. Also, it attracts the possible buyer as the house looks visibly beautiful. 

  • Enhances The Quality Of Life

According to research, swimming significantly improves general health and wellness and is a great way to stay healthy. After a full day of work, it is an excellent method to relax and decompress because it’s a great full-body workout, light on the joints, and can reduce back pain and muscular strain.

Swimming is a fantastic workout, but you may also nourish your soul by simply resting and reading. It is not always required to swim in it, but it is also likely to serve the purpose of relieving fatigue and mood swings. You can relax and easily create pleasure outside because water itself is a calming ingredient.

  • Good One-time Investment

A pool-equipped home is a one-time investment; it is a good option compared to buying a home and constructing a pool. Not only that will cost you money but your time too. You can save money by having a swimming area instead of visiting water parks or public pools. Additionally, modern swimming pools allow for adding modifications, and you can add some upgrades and new features.


Adding a pool to your house surely adds to its beauty and, of course, the resale value. But adding a pool to your home is a significant expenditure, so you should consider it. You should also think about the maintenance and other costs involved. If you have a pool in your house, you need to take extra care to keep it in good enough shape to use anytime you want to.