While residential programs restrict access to the outside world so you can focus only on your treatment and obtaining sobriety, they also keep you from your responsibilities. Unfortunately, life doesn’t care if you’re sober or not, which can make it difficult to seek treatment with residential care.

If you or a loved one are ready to overcome an addiction but are unable to enroll in a residential treatment program, partial hospitalization programs in Delray Beach, FL could be the right option for you. These types of programs offer the flexibility of outpatient programs with the structure or a residential program.  They help keep patients focused while offering autonomy.


Work, school or family obligations are just as important as your sobriety. As such, programs that allow you to continue your daily responsibilities while treating your addiction, enable you to do retain some semblance of normalcy.

You can still go to the office, cheer on the kids at soccer games, or take that physics exam. Your day-to-day activities don’t interfere with your recovery because appointments are scheduled around your daily obligations.


Although you won’t be under the strict rules of an inpatient treatment program, you’ll still have assigned team members to monitor your progress. Partial hospitalization programs allow you to report to your designated team members and keep them abreast of the status of your progress.

You’ll also still be required to attend regular meetings, participate in group therapies and check in with your clinical team.

Under this type of care, you can get to the root of chemical dependency issues and learn healthy coping mechanisms. While you’re still meeting your regular obligations, you’ll be able to focus on your therapies without worrying about them.

Circumstances For Partial Hospitalization Treatment

Patients can enter a partial hospitalization treatment program as a new patient or upon transitioning from a residential program to an outpatient program. Some patients benefit from reduced supervision while continuing to have the structure they’ve become accustomed to. It helps them to become accustomed to the responsibilities of having the freedom to make decisions and choose the behaviors that will help them succeed in recovery and stay committed to a sober lifestyle.

If you are a loved one want to enter a treatment program and want structure while retaining the ability to maintain your partial hospitalization programs in Delray Beach, FL contact RECO intensive to learn more. The staff is dedicated to helping people battle chemical dependency to heal and recover from the traumas and events that contribute to their addiction.