Modern bathroom design tips that you can use 

Looking for tips related to modern bathroom design? Designing a highly functional yet aesthetically appealing bathroom is the need of the hour. While looking for tips and tricks for doing up the bathroom, you should always emphasize on soothing tones and shades in order to truly have a blissful experience. 

You should bear in mind that bathroom design is a different process in comparison to living room interior design. In this case, you will mostly have smaller and strictly functional spaces to work with. You should make it a point to carefully choose the best materials for doing up your bathroom and this is where you should always consult an interior designer. The right interior design firm/company will help you plan the desired design for the space along with helping you create a truly stand-out bathroom that is not just a place to de-stress but also soothing and positive. Vaastu principles state that anywhere where there is a flow of water on a regular basis like the bathroom for instance, there will be negative energies at work. As a result, minimizing the same is the need of the hour in today’s scenario. 

Modern bathroom design tips that you should keep in mind 

Designing your bathroom is widely different from choosing a colour combination for living rooms. Here are some strategies that you can always consider. 

  • Have a good space for stocking your shampoos and other products 

Do not have those ready-made and pre-crafted corner shelves ready to be stuck in the shower. Rather, put this into the wall and build a niche for storing and beautifully arranging all your shampoos and other beauty/skincare products. Put some unique tiles into the mix and it will stand out as a prominent design feature by all means. 

  • Create a uniquely designed ledge by the sink or tub in the bathroom 

You can simply make use of the countertop material for adding a special dimension to the look and feel of your bathroom. Putting in a ledge beside the tub or sink will always be a good move by all means. This will help you keep things while also looking aesthetically nice. 

  • Countertop material can be used in other areas throughout the bathroom 

A shelf or something beside the shower or tub can always look good. This will infuse a more personalized and high-quality look into the space in question. 

  • Shower curtains are always good options 

Have a shower curtain that can easily be moved backwards and forwards for saving on space. This should ideally be positioned over a glass door which can also move inwards or outwards. You can fit in a shower and tub combo within smaller spaces with a few tubs even having length of just 60 inches or so. A shower curtain brings that right amount of privacy and sophistication alike! 

  • Vanity mirrors should be strategically placed 

Along with visually making the bathroom space look way bigger than it actually is, putting a vanity mirror above the floor will free up more space for storing smaller items. Tighter spaces can always make corners hazardous for occupants of bathrooms. In case the corners get in your way, you should ideally select something more rounded. A round vanity may work better in a square space which will help you avoid frequent bruises and knocks. 

  • Make use of bigger patterns 

A pattern which is slightly on the bigger side, such as a wide strip, may trick people into an illusion of additional or expanded space. Square footage will never change but the bathroom space will feel larger by all means. 

These are some ideas which may come in immensely handy for your requirements. 


Follow these contemporary interior design tips to make your bathroom look and feel bigger while making it a more welcoming and soothing space at the same time. A few modern bathroom design tweaks are all you need.