Most Destructive Types of Water Damage


Water Damage: Inconvenient and Harmful

Flood damage is destructive to any building and can be highly inconvenient to contend with. You will need to be fully informed about the destructive types of water that can cause much harm to your home if you need to manage a flooding issue. 

A flood is one of the worst things to happen to a home or business. It can drive people out of their homes while creating much debt and some major health issues to the residents. Floods can cause much damage and it ought to be known that there are at least three different types of water damage to be aware of. Water damage Kansas City can be resolved with quality information and credible restoration services.

Destructive Water Damage: Various Types

There is not one single type of water damage issue to contend with when it comes to floods and destruction in a building. Water damage Kansas City often has unique situations to contend with and customized solutions are required. 

Flood damage can be assessed by trained professionals to determine what type of solutions can be provided to those affected by this destructive occurrence. There are at least three main types of damage that can occur:

  1. clear water; this water is considered to be a category one level of flood water. This type of water damage can occur when a pipe bursts in your home or a building. Rainwater can even be the cause of clear water entering your home. It ought to be noted that clear water does not have a lot of microbes living in it. It is listed as a level one category because it does not pose harsh health threats when individuals are exposed to it
  2. gray water; this is considered to be a category two level of water damage. Gray water is definitely contaminated water. It can come from various sources. An overflowing toilet, dishwasher or a washing machine can be considered gray water. It ought to be noted that any sitting clear water can even turn into gray water. When this type of water floods a building, it is necessary to wear protective masks and gloves to avoid further contamination. Protective gear and caution will be needed for clearing out any gray water flooding
  3. black water; this is a category three level. It is one of the most dangerous types of water to contend with. Black water must be handled with much caution. It is highly contaminated and tends to harbor chemicals, pesticides and other diseases. This water can come from flush toilets, broken sewage pipes and it does contain human waste. This water contains urine, feces and various toilet paper particles. It can be the result of dishwashers, preparation sinks and several other sources. Black water is considered to be raw sewage. It is a breeding ground for dangerous bacteria and other pathogens. These items need to completely decompose prior to being released into the environment because any human contact can be a danger to the health of those involved. This is one of the most dangerous types of water in any home.

Added Information

It ought to be noted that large scale flooding includes any rising water from a lake or river, seawater, and any water that enters a building due to unforeseen weather conditions. This includes storms and hurricanes. Water can carry contaminants that need to be handled with care.