Nucleus Education Kota Fee Structure 2020

Nucleus Education Kota is one of the go-to options for so many IIT JEE and NEET aspirants. This prime and result oriented institute was established in 2017, and since its establishment, it gained a lot of attention and fame from across the country. The institute has been offering the students in the top 100 IIT JEE ranks for a long time now. With the best faculty and state of the art infrastructure, Nucleus institute has become a great choice for students. The faculty of this institute are specialists in their respective fields and have great knowledge to impart to their students. The institute keeps on updating its study material according to the changes in syllabus and ensures that students are on top of their studies all the time. There are so many great things about this institute that you are going to learn in this article.

Courses and Fee Structure

Nucleus Education Kota has a fee structure with different programs. The institute offers so many courses at so many levels, and hence the fee structure and pricing have been different for every course. 

  • Nurture
  • Achiever and
  • N-Achiever for NEET preparation 
  • Nurture
  • Enthuse and
  • Leader for IIT JEE preparation. 

The students have to pick any of these programs that they want to join and pay the fee for it.

Fee Structure for NEET

  • Nurture: the admission fee is Rs. 116550, which is divided into two installments- Rs. 69330/- and Rs. 46620. 
  • Achiever: The admission fee for Achiever is Rs. 120750, which can be paid in two installments- Rs. 72450, and Rs. 48300. 
  • N-Achiever: The total amount is Rs. 57750, and the parents can pay it in two installments- Rs. 34650, and Rs. 23100.

Fee Structure for IIT JEE Mains+ Advanced


  • Nurture: the admission fee for Nurture is Rs. 146000, and it can be paid in two different installments- R. 101500 and Rs. 43500.
  • Enthuse: The total fee for the Enthuse category for a year is Rs. 155000, which is usually paid in two installments- Rs. 107800, and Rs. 46200.
  • Leader: the academic fee for one year is Rs. 160000, which can be paid in two installments- Rs. 111300, and Rs. 47700.


Fee Structure for Mains

  • Nurture: The admission fee for one year in Nurture is Rs. 81000, which is divided into Rs. 56000, and Rs. 24000.
  • Enthuse: The fee for one year in the Enthuse category is Rs. 84000, which can be divided into Rs. 58100, and Rs. 29000. 
  • Leader: The admission fee for one year in the Leader category is Rs. 86000, which is usually divided into Rs. 59500, and Rs. 25000

Note: In all the programs, irrespective of the fee amount student has to pay Rs. 1000 as a caution. It should be paid at once during the admission, and this is the reason why the total sum has 1000 INR more than the sum of the installment amount. All these fees are included with GST, so there is no need for you to worry about any more extra payments. If you want to join the hostel, then you have to pay more for it.


  • Nurture: The nurture is for students who are in the XI class. This is an in-depth course, and students will get an ample amount of knowledge in this course. The course deals with fundamentals and then keeps on providing information about a lot of things that students need.
  • Enthuse: The enthuse is for students of class XII. These students will have classes for IIT JEE, and they are taught by considering the examinations alone. The students will be given fundamentals, and then the topics will be discussed in-depth. 
  • Leader: This is for the students who have completed their XII and want to take a year off in order to prepare for IIT JEE. The course is year-long, and students will get to prepare for topics in-depth in this program.

Best Faculty in Town

Nucleus Education Kota has the best and most experienced faculty available. The sole aim of this institution was to provide best-in-class coaching for students of all ages, and they are successful in doing that by providing the best faculty. The veterans in industries come here and impart their knowledge with the students honing their skills. 

The institute is established by 5 IIT alumni who wanted to bring some major changes in the coaching world. They did create an impact with their amazing material, great infrastructure, and above all, amazing faculty for the students. The university is pretty picky when it comes to choosing the students. Not everyone can get a place in this institute, the seats are limited to only 1000 students, and only eligible ones are taken in. This proves how effective this institute is. The best thing about this institute is its scholarship program. Similar to the other institutes present in the market, Nucleus Education Kota offers a scholarship for students who are in need.