Pause, Don’t Panic: What to do if you lose control of your car?

If you’ve been driving long enough, chances are you’ve encountered instances where you’ve briefly lost control of steering your vehicle. Whether it’s because of a rainy day, an icy street or turning taking a turn too fast, these moments can be scary to say the least. Fortunately, according to some legal experts, there are a few things to keep in mind and in order to ensure a quick recovery from the momentary loss of control. Below is a list of what to do if you lose control of your vehicle.


  • Remain calm


Like the title suggests; don’t panic. Many people immediately do when they lose control of the car and take the wrong actions without thinking. The important thing to remember is to remain calm. This will help you focus on maneuvering and lower the chance of the situation getting worse.


  • Keep your hands on ten and two


There is a reason for this saying. Having your hands on the 10 and 2 o’clock position of your steering wheel will help with control of the vehicle. This position gives you the most balance of the wheel, even if you are swerving out of control.


  • Look at where you want your car to go


When losing control of your car, it’s important to realize where your eyes are looking is where you’re subconsciously going to be heading. Look in the direction that you want to be going, not the direction you’re sliding into and your body will naturally try and steer your car into that position.


  • Shift into neutral if you must


If after a few extended moments you still haven’t gained control of the vehicle, you may want to consider shifting into neutral. Only do this if you feel calm and trust your ability to briefly move your hand in order to shift the gear. Again, you’ll want to do this if you find it difficult to gain control of your vehicle after several seconds. The most important thing to remember is to not accelerate. Accelerating will only make it worse.


  • Steer into the skid


For you to re-gain control of the vehicle, your front tires need to be aligned with your back tires. To do this, you’ll have to turn your steering wheel in the direction you want to go. The key is to not make any sudden jerking movements or steer too quickly and over correct. This will help whether you’re hydroplaning on wet street or you’re driving on an icy road.


  • Don’t slam the Brakes


One of the most common mistakes people make when they panic is to slam on their brakes. This does not help you gain control back your car. In fact, oftentimes it makes things harder to control. You don’t necessarily have to stop the vehicle; you just have to slow down and straighten the car out to regain your footing.

While it’s important to keep these in mind, remember to always call the appropriate authorities if you get in an accident. But hopefully, if you follow these steps, they will help you whenever you find yourself in one of these unfortunate positions.