Wearing the right skateboard shoes makes all the difference while skating. It is vital to wear good skate shoes as it enhances the grip, absorb shocks, and thereby prevent falls and injuries. Every foot is different, and thereby choosing the perfect pair of shoes with wheels is important. One must choose a skate shoe that is comfortable to wear and appears stylish as well. There are certain factors that one must consider before investing in a skateboard shoe.


Rollerskate shoes are designed with four wheels in pairs. This offers the much-needed stability to stand and even move and do dance moves wearing them. A first-time buyer must research well and decide whether to buy hard-wheel shoes or soft wheels. The hardness of the wheels on the shoes is determined by the durometer scale that ranges from 0 to 100A. When the scale is closer to the range of 100, the wheels are harder.

Harder wheels are known to be more durable than softer wheels. Furthermore, soft wheel shoes offer better grip and shock absorption than harder wheels. Thus, wearing shoes with softer wheels prevents injuries better and more efficient.

Choosing between hard boot and soft boot

Shoes with wheels are accessible in hard boots or hard shells, and soft boots and soft shells. Hardshell shoes are known to offer excellent support and stability. Moreover, they are apt for fitness usage, and the liner can be replaced easily when worn out. On the other hand, soft boots or soft shells are lightweight and have better ventilation. They are more maneuverable skate shoes for dancing.


When one considers taking rollerskating to the next level, he/she must give importance to the bearings. The majority of the time, buyers usually don’t give much importance to bearings, especially when roller quad skates are bought. It is vital to look out for the ratings of bearings before investing money. Maintaining the bearings are also essential. For instance, one must avoid water or moisture as much as possible. Moreover, dirt and sand should be avoided as well.

Choosing the right size

Before choosing a roller skate shoe, it is necessary to read the size guide and then decide on buying one. Furthermore, it is always recommended to select one size bigger than the regular size of shoe that one wears. Choosing the right size can be tedious, especially for first-time buyers. Apart from reading the size guide for shoes with wheels, one can even seek help from store sales representatives.

Plates and trucks

Every shoe with wheels comes with a plate and truck on the bottom. The plate is made of nylon, making the shoes lightweight. Moreover, the truck is made of aluminum, making it robust, but not bulky. Several skate shoes are also designed with underneath cushions, making the skates more agile and directional.


The above-mentioned are some of the factors that one must consider while buying shoes with wheels. Safety is the top priority while investing in such shoes, and thereby the buying factors must be taken seriously.