Mothers are the queen of the kitchen. They make delicious food for us. They endure the heat and sweat just to fill our stomachs and tickle our palate. Mothers spend most of their time in the kitchen making food and dishes for the family. With the Pandemic scenario in the country, the jobs of mothers have doubled up. Children and other family members are at home and mothers are working twice the amount of work they used to do earlier.

From morning to evening, they are in the kitchen fulfilling the demands of the family. Some demand maggie while other want to shake in the evening. A new day means new dishes and mothers have exhausted all the recipes. This piece of writing is dedicated to all the mothers out there.

We bring you some quick and easy food recipes. Your family will love relishing it and you will love making it for them.

1. Oreo Ice-Cream: The weather is hot and humid outside. Air Conditioners, cold water, and ice-creams are the only saviours. If your children are asking for something delicious and homemade, you can treat them with Oreo Ice-cream. They are going to love it because Oreos is everyone’s weakness.

  • Take small packets of Oreo biscuits. One packet per the family member
  • Crush the biscuits using the rolling pin
  • Now open the packet, pour full-cream milk in it. Instead of milk, you can pour heavy cream as well
  • Insert the stick and refrigerate
  • Homemade Oreo ice-cream is ready

2. Banana Popsicles: Children do not like fruits and vegetables. All they like is junk food. As a mother, you cannot let your child eat only junk food. Here is a recipe that will make the boring bananas tasty, and your child will love having it

  • Take a banana and cut it in half along the length
  • Insert an ice-cream stick into it
  • Cover the banana into a liquid chocolate.
  • Garnish with pistachios or nuts (optional)
  • Refrigerate the bananas.
  • For chocolate, you can melt the chocolate bar. If you like you can add heavy cream with the chocolate bar while melting it.

3. Chapati Pizza: Kids will eat everything that is made a little tasty. This is a quick and healthy recipe. You can make this from leftover chapati or make new ones for your child. This can be served to adults as well. Pizza is love, so why not make the family eat healthy pizza.

  • Make a chapati. (We suggest to use wheat flour instead of all-purpose flour because former is healthier)
  • Apply a ready made pizza-pasta sauce.
  • Spread vegetables on the top. Use all the vegetables like bell peppers, onions, tomatoes, corn, olives, broccoli or any other you would like
  • Grate cheese over it and sprinkle herbs
  • Now, place the chapati on a tawa and cover it for the cheese to melt

4. Aloo Chaat: In the evening, everyone wants something spicy and savoury. Everyday you cannot eat momos, chowmein, gol-gappe from the market. Mothers have to think of new recipes. Potatoes are one vegetable that tastes great in every form. Here is a new version of potatoes you can serve

  • Boil potatoes. Cut them into small pieces and golden fry
  • On a plate, put the fried potatoes. Add over it tamarind and green chutney
  • Sprinkle pomegranate seeds, coriander leaves, and sev bhujia
  • Add chaat masala before serving

5. Cheese Balls: A tasty recipe for everyone at home. You can make it healthy by adding veggies of your choice. Otherwise, it is made with ingredients that are good for the health and will give maximum flavour.

  • Grate paneer and cheese
  • Add to it green chillies (if spicy is liked), ginger, and salt
  • Add a bit of cornflour to bind. Make round balls
  • Golden fry and serve

All these recipes require fewer ingredients and ingredients that are easily found in homes. Hope you will enjoy making them as much as we loved sharing them with you. In case, there is a demand for a creamy cake, the easiest would be to go for  Bakingo online cake delivery in Kanpur