Remodeling Your Kitchen? Consider These Trendy Ideas

Remodeling your kitchen can be done for a variety of reasons including enhancing the function of the room or replacing old appliances with those that are modern and energy-efficient. One detail that you might not consider when remodeling your kitchen is the design of the floor. A trendy idea to consider is concrete that is painted or that includes decorative enhancements that blend with the other details in the room.

Endless Possibilities

When looking at concrete color and design, know that you can use just about any solid color or combination of multiple colors in any way you want. From stripes to waves, you can create any design that you want on your kitchen floor because there are several combinations that you can make. This is beneficial as the combinations and designs that you choose likely won’t be the same as what someone else chooses.

Safe For The Environment

If you’re looking for a material to use that is environmentally friendly, then concrete is a good option. There are fewer materials that are used in conjunction with the concrete including adhesives and glues that keep other types of flooring secure. The paint used for the concrete color and design can also be safe for the environment if you choose organic supplies and those that don’t have a lot of additives in them.

Affordable Option

Concrete flooring is an affordable option to consider for your kitchen if you have a budget. You won’t need to coat the surface, saving money on materials that you would normally use. The surface is usually resistant to abrasions and other damage that could occur when children or pets run in the room or if something is spilled on the floor. This means that you likely won’t need to replace the flooring in the future, saving you additional money that can be spent in other areas of the kitchen. However, if you are a wood person, then you will have to satisfy yourself with Kahrs LVT, a member of the laminate wood family that is both classy and affordable, as well as durable for being water-resistant.


A trend to look for in kitchen remodeling projects is adding technology to the room. Appliances have been updated to be able to connect with mobile devices. Faucets have also been enhanced so that you don’t have to touch them for the water to come on or even to adjust the temperature of the water.

Making It Darker

Bright colors are out, and darker shades are being used with kitchen remodeling projects. If you want to keep the lighter colors, such as white, yellow, or green in the kitchen, then consider using a darker color on an island or on the lower cabinets. You can also use accent pieces that are a brighter color against those that are darker if you want a nice contrast.


When you remodel your kitchen, one of the trends to consider is better organization and more storage space. Cabinet spaces are being utilized for storage instead of being left to collect items that you might otherwise toss aside on a table. Dividers can be placed in cabinets and drawers to keep utensils separated as well as canned goods and other non-perishable items. Trays that can be pulled out of cabinets and drawers are often used for spices and ingredients that are frequently used when you’re cooking.


If you want to add more surface space to your kitchen, then consider an island. Place bar stools around the island so that there’s another area for family and friends to eat at if there isn’t enough room at the dining table. The island can also be used for storing items that you don’t have space for in the cabinets and drawers, such as pots, pans, large bowls, or small appliances that you don’t want to keep on the countertop.