Storage Tips for Storing Clothes Without Wrinkles

As the seasons change, so do our wardrobes. Many of us invest in quality clothing that will last through the years. But when clothing is stored for months at a time, your delicate fabrics may deteriorate, and expensive clothing can be left with fold wrinkles that are more difficult to remove. Thinner clothes will wrinkle more, and some fabrics like cashmere or angora – you don’t want to have hanging for long periods of time.

So, just how do you store clothes without wrinkles – here are some folding tips that can help reduce wrinkles and reduce storage space.

Consider Mini Storage for Clothing

If you need to store boxes of clothes, follow this link for the best directions on folding your clothes to reduce wrinkles. Also, consider investing in mini storage to protect your clothing investment.

With a temperature-controlled storage unit, you will have more space and will not need to cram clothing into storage boxes. This will reduce the chance of your clothes wrinkling and becoming smelly or mildewed.

Bag and Hang Coats and Suits

Many of your clothes will be sturdy enough to hang during storage. This will prevent wrinkles, but make sure the clothes are fully enclosed in clothing storage bag. Don’t forget to throw in a few cedar balls in hanging bags and boxes to prevent musty odors or moth damage.

Sweaters Should Be Folded

Sweaters should definitely be folded for long term storage. This way your sweaters will not lose their shape or stretch at the shoulders. If you must make an exception, then fold delicate fabrics like cashmere, wool, or angora – and hang heavier sweaters with the arms folded over the sweater draped across a thick or padded hanger.

Always store your clothes in a dry and dark space, and have all clothes laundered or dry-cleaned before storing. Make sure your containers are airtight and pest resistant.