Storage Tips to Keep the Bugs and Rodents Away

When someone stores items in a storage unit, they expect that their belongings will be kept safe. One of the most commonly overlooked problems that might arise in a storage unit is the development of bugs and rodents.

If someone opens up their belongings only to find that their stuff has been invaded by these dangerous pests, this can be incredibly frustrating.

One of the most common reasons why people might have a rodent infestation in their unit is due to the bedding. There are a few tips that everyone should keep in mind.

1. Clean the Bedding Before Using the Storage Unit

Most people wash their sheets every week or two; however, people launder their comforters far less often. This is typically because people are afraid that soap and water will damage the comforters. Therefore, it is best to launder comforters sparingly.

This is one of the times to do that. Make sure to launder the bedding prior to placing it in a storage facility. Make sure to use cold water and a delicate wash cycle to launder the bedding. Then, dry the bedding using medium heat. This will keep the comforters safe during the washing process.

2. Allow the Bedding to Breathe Appropriately

Allowing the bedding to breathe will not only protect the bedding but also can help keep the rodents away. Think about the storage process. Consider using cotton bags because these breathe far easier than the alternatives. It might even be a good idea to use something called comforter hangers.

By keeping the moisture and humidity from getting trapped with the comforters, this will help keep the rodents away. Also, make sure to use an acid-free box and tissue in the process. This will protect the comforters.