Which Social Metrics Matter? We Break it Down for You


Any advertising agency worth its salt will tell you that being aware of marketing metrics is the path to successful social media marketing. However, simply vanity metrics often supersede what really makes a difference. Here are some essential social media metrics that matter.

Be Mindful of Top Funnel Metrics

Top funnel metrics are those that indicate your level of success in attracting the customers you want into your sales zone, or ‘funnel.’ The goal is generally to boost web traffic, reach new people, and promote brand awareness. These metrics include:

  • Likes and Shares—How often content is being shared and reacted to and what responses are.
  • Reach—The number of audience members seeing the post.
  • Click-through Rate—How many times a post has been clicked on.
  • Interactions Per 1,000 Followers—Determines the engagement of followers for any given post.

Video Metrics You Should Be Tracking

Statistics indicate that more than half of buyers want to view video content from the business they are interested in, and here are the most important metrics to evaluate the efficacy of posted videos.

  • Average View Duration—The total time of video being watched divided by number of views.
  • Average Completion Rate—The percentage of video length viewers watched.
  • Audience Retention—How many audience members watched the entire video.

Paid Social Media Metrics

Paying for social media is vital for brands looking to expand operations, but failed efforts can become costly quick. Paying attention to these paid social media metrics can be a game changer.

  • Cost-per-Click—How much is ultimately paid for each click on paid posts.
  • Cost-per-Action—Costs broken down by audience’s actions on a particular post.
  • Likes, Comments, and Shares on Paid Content—The aggregated figures on these interactions.

Go Deeper, Gain Greater Brand Recognition with an Advertising Agency

This is just the tip of the iceberg of pertinent metrics for social media projects and campaigns. In fact, due to the time consumed through evaluations, many employ special metric monitoring tools or get the aid of a marketing advertising agency.