Ten Tips for a Perfect Engagement

Popping the question to your partner should be a memorable occasion for both of you, one that you can both gleam about to your family and friends. But with one shot to get it right, preparing and leading up to the occasion can be incredibly nerve-wracking. It’s natural to feel worried about things like; will they say yes and whether they will like your proposal. And so, to relieve the stress, here are ten top tips to help bring out your romantic side and plan the perfect proposal.

The Speech

You should write down and rehearse out loud what you want to say to your loved one. Whether it’s short and sweet, sentimental, or humorous, the style of how you ask the question should be fitting for both of you. For instance, you may want to mention when you first laid eyes on your other half, or talk about when and why you fell in love.

The Ring 

It’s the physical element to signify your love and commitment, and so getting the ring right is crucial. To help you choose, take a look at your partner’s style and existing jewelry. If they prefer luxury accessories, perhaps a Tacori designer engagement ring would be the perfect fit. If they love all things vintage, source an antique ring; they will like that you have made the effort to buy something suited to them.

Share the Moment

When the family are around for the holidays, whether it’s Thanksgiving or Christmas, you could use this occasion to propose in front of your closest, so that you may all see and enjoy the moment together.

Professional Photographer

Why not snap the moments leading up to your engagement with a professional photographer? With their experience of using the lighting and setting to their advantage, you are guaranteed beautiful pictures to mark an important milestone in your relationship.

First Date Spot

Why not go back to the beginning of where it all began and propose in the spot that means a lot to both of you? Be it a picnic in the local park or a walk along the beach. Proposing where your memories with each other began is both meaningful and thoughtful.

Romantic Movie Reenactment 

If your other half loves their romantic movies, why not reenact a scene for your proposal? For instance, you could use the Love Actually scene where Keira Knightley confesses her love for another by displaying large cards explaining the way she feels, with calming Christmas music playing in the background.

Plant the Ring

Choose a large bouquet of their favorite flowers, or strategically plant the ring in their dessert on your dinner date. Because nothing says romance like a ring dipped in chocolate.


Whisk your partner away to Paris, the Maldives or Mexico and pop the question in a new picturesque setting. This is ideal if your other half adores traveling and exploring!

Early Evening Date

The benefits of popping the question at the beginning of the night rather than the end, are that you both get to enjoy the rest of the evening together on the high of your engagement. It also means they can show off their new shiny engagement ring to onlookers.

Finishing Touches 

The little things go a long way in creating the perfect moment as you propose. Whether pre-planning the music, reiterating something memorable and romantic you’ve said to them before, and making the maximum effort with your appearance, each thoughtful detail will create an amazing engagement.