Wedding Planning Secrets To Know Before Your Wedding

Planning a wedding is a daunting task and knowing some things before actually indulging into it will really make the process a whole lot easier. There are various tips that can be a lifesaver for you when it comes to planning the entire wedding all by yourself.

We consulted some of the top wedding planners in Pune and compiled a list of some tricks that they themselves use regularly in order to plan a wedding in a much organized and systematic manner.

Guests Always Come First

When planning a wedding it is important that the center of focus should be your guests. It is their comfort that must be of the paramount importance. The first thing that you must do as soon as the dates are decided is to make a list of guests to whom you’ll be forwarding the invites. Accordingly, you can then decide on the venue which provides enough space for the no. of guests. As a rule of thumb, you must decide on a venue that provides 10 – 15 square feet of space for each person.

Keep A Paper Trail

You must keep a paper trail of everything that you decide for your wedding. All the receipts of the payments that you’ve done and the advance that you’ve paid to the vendors should all be accounted for properly in a separate file. Another thing that many wedding planners suggested us to do, is that you can click the images of the receipts and keep a digital copy of them in your mobiles so that you have them at hand no matter where you are.

Set Aside Some Extra Budget

When deciding on a budget for the different services at your wedding you must consider some extra expenses that might go into it. So it’ll be better to keep aside some amount that’ll come in handy when you’re stuck on some outfit orwedding decoration that is a bit higher than the budget that you’ve set. After all, it is your look that is the most important thing that matters at the end of the day.

Be Realistic When It Comes To Time Management

When planning for your perfect wedding, it is important that you must be realistic enough when it comes to managing the time for finalizing different wedding services. As the wedding dates come closer it’ll seem like the time pass by really quickly. So, you must start with all the planning well in advance. When we approached different wedding planners with the question – What is the ideal time that you must give to the planning of the wedding? All of them agreed upon a time somewhere between 8-12 months. So, you must make it a point to start early and book the best Wedding vendors at the earliest as they are the ones that get booked well in advance.

Take One Step At A Time

There’ll be a lot of things that you must take care of in much lesser time but it advisable that you take care of one task at a time. It will be really great to ask for help from your relatives and friends. You can divide the tasks between them as per their personalities so that everything is taken care of without you running around finalizing everything. This will also help you get some time out for yourself and your loved ones before your wedding day.

These are some important wedding planning tips, considering which, will help make the wedding planning a bit easier for you. So, what are you waiting for? Just go ahead and plan your D-Day that is perfect in every possible way.