Austin’s Best Wedding Venues

Wedding venues are in high demand across the country. In Austin there are a number of wedding venues to consider because this is a big city. Couples that are planning to have a ceremony are typically going to look for those that have received the best reviews. Every wedding couple is not the same. Different couples are going to have different agendas. Some are looking for a spacious room where they can invite large amounts of family members. Others are interested in a more intimate setting with a smaller group. Below we take a look at some of the most popular Austin wedding venues:

Allan House

When people start looking for places to have a wedding in Austin the Allan House is typically going to come up as one of the top search results. This has a lot to do with the style of the Allan House and the location. People that are looking to have an event in downtown Austin cannot go wrong with this Victorian home. It is more than 200 years old, and it has a great indoor and outdoor environment for those that are trying to get a historic type of environment for their wedding guests.

People that visit the website can look at previous events that have been held at the Allan House and get a good idea of what the photography may look like based on these previous events. The outdoor scenery has a desirable background filled with oak trees and a spacious area that allows a large number of guests to attend a ceremony here. People that are looking for an Austin wedding venue you will not be disappointed with this location.

Mercury Hall

Another standout area in Austin when it comes to places to have weddings is the Mercury Hall. This is an area that gets a lot of recognition because it is a location that receives great reviews from Yelp and websites like The Knot. With recommendations and reviews from websites like this is easy to see how this spacious environment is able to accommodate both indoor and outdoor weddings.

A number of couples are finding this to be their spot for an Austin wedding venue because there are options to bring in your own catering. There are also options for people that are getting married to bring their own alcoholic beverages. That can be something that saves a tremendous amount of money. A lot of couples will bypass those establishments that do not allow the couple to bring in their own catering.

The Hills of Lakeway

Couples that are interested in a golf course area will look at the possibilities for wedding venues at places like the Hills of Lakeway. This is an area that also provides indoor and outdoor ceremonies and reception options. Those couples that are going to have a lot of guests should look at a country club like this one because it can accommodate as many as 300 of their closest family members and friends.

One of the great things about this area is that there is no rental fee for the reception if the ceremony is also at this location. Couples that do not have a lot of time look for this location because there are so many amenities that are included inside of the wedding ceremony and reception package.

The Hills of Lakeway has a staff that can provide wedding planning services as well as a venue set up and clean-up crew. This is a wedding venue that has a large parking lot and outdoor lighting for receptions that are held after the sun goes down. This golf course has become a favorite among many soon-to-be-married couples.