The Best Four Used Cars

It is difficult to buy a good used car if someone does not have much experience with used cars. We have all heard horror stories from friends who had made bad choices.

I avoid problems by looking at used cars with about 100 thousand miles and have a reputation of lasting at least another 100,000.

The four sedans below are like that. They are often available for around $10,000 or less, with 90-100 thousand miles, with the fancier models up to $16,000 for dealer certified pre-owned vehicles.

Top of the line used cars

One great car stands out in nearly every used car list: the Honda Accord.

I had purchased two used Accords, both already with over 90 thousand miles on them. Both of them faithfully and dependably served me an additional 180,000 with no major repairs required.

The Toyota Camry is also highly rated. It has a lot of the nice features expected in a modern car, along with a very sporty, stylish appearance.

Like the Accord, it is considered an economical mid-sized car, making it a perfect family car.

The Hyundai Sonata is another car that has raving reviews from those who bought them used. Some owners even rated their experiences better than ones they had with Honda and Toyota cars.

The Chevrolet Impala also has an amazing reputation for over 200 thousand miles. If you want to go for an American-branded car, it is definitely worth looking at.

For price and selection, location everything! Great used cars are far more available and less expensive in large cities than in small towns.

Certified pre-owned vehicles are often more expensive than personal sales but offer better confidence to a used car buyer.