The Best Way to Keep a Shaped Beard Neat

If you, like me, are people who love the idea of ​​having a beard but don’t want to look like a walking fence, you need to keep it under control. Best way to do this? Read more!

Once upon a time, it seemed to me that I was now at the right age to grow a beard. I have a theory that men either grow beards when they are young, as a sign of perhaps their recently discovered courage, or get along with modern fashion, or when they grow up when they want to think that they will all look aristocratic and cold.

As the last conviction, I put a razor for a while and let the mushrooms sprout. Since all these years, since the fashionable little days, I was clean-shaven, I was shocked when I saw that when a shiny dark beard once grew, the bristles now seemed brighter – like white! Read more about beard shaping at

Why I thought it would be different, I don’t know – I am gray enough over my head. However, several weeks passed, and I went through the stage of designer hairstyles, the stage of itching, and the utterly irreversible stage of awakening one morning with a full beard. Yeah!

Well, not quite. As the mustache grew longer, they looked tidier until I looked more like an aristocrat, but … well, ass, I don’t lower it so neatly! What should I do? Cut the thing, of course! A decision was made on the modern style, as a rule, concise with thin sideburns and transverse heads between the arch of the jaw and chin. Easy!

The direct code came out. Which one? Straight beard trimmer? Yes, sir. In the past, I tried electric trimmers and several blades and found that the first tends to catch hair if he tries to cut his hair (a painful experience!), And the second is poorly connected. Also, this evident and sharp line between the beard and shaved skin that I wanted does not give.

This does not apply to straight razors. I used one for many years to completely shave my face and believe me that it will not improve as soon as you master the technique (usually, it takes two full weeks). The beautiful beard of the straight trim is king. Why?

Well, both electric razors and multi-blade razors or double blades have a specific factor. As for electricity, the size of the cutting head and its inability to shave carefully. As for the plurality of blades, it is almost impossible to achieve a visible line and easily lock due to the ends of the edge that is inside the terms of the cartridge.

Think of it as if the grass is growing along the path and trying to keep it elegant with a simple old mower. Of course, she cuts the grass, but the grass slowly becomes on the road. What to do next? It’s simple – get long scissors. A unique tool for particular work is the same with a straight razor (though, do not try to trim your garden edges alone!)

Since it does not have blade protection, a straight razor can shave a fragile edge along a strip of bristles, especially when hairy dwarfs – this strip from the mustache to the chin is a good example where there are usually several mustaches outside the growth area of ​​the main beard. Leave it in place – and it is tough to trim it with an electric blade or multiple blades – and it will always look rude. Take them off with a sharp blade, and you will see the difference!

Most men think that razor blades are elements that are strictly used by Luddites or men who simply want to look macho. Well, users with a straight edge can have both categories in their ranks. Still, as a rule, they are just ordinary men who are either tired of pushing their nose behind the left cartridges or just enjoy a comfortable traditional shave.

Did you say to relax? With a razor? Yes indeed. Once you learn the technique – and it’s not very difficult – this is a great way to relax because the only thing you can’t do is rush with a straight shave. Relax – wake up a quarter of an hour ago, rest a day. Believe me, when you have finished trimming this beard, you can be sure that you will look cleaner and more elegant – and you can feel much better in yourself – than these other men who are feverishly getting rid of themselves while their second coffee drowned and put on all the ties at the same time.