The Best 2019 Telugu Detective Movie

Probably everyone will undoubtedly agree that the films produced by Telugu played a significant role in the development of Indian cinema. The Telugu Film Industry releases new movies every year, featuring exciting and varied stories and action. The industry has come a long way to get here. The number of viewers is growing every year. Today, the Telugu Film Industry is well-known around the world, and people of all ages and tastes follow their work. This is giving more and more motivation for the Telugu film industry to produce quality films. How is the Telugu film industry doing all this? The answer is simple, and they are mostly focused on the quality and diversity and try their best to offer customers only the highest quality movies.

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The Telugu Film Industry has presented many beautiful works to the world. As we already know, Telugu produces films of all genres. They release detective based films that will never leave the viewer indifferent. Such movies make people quite emotional and probably everyone will agree that spending the weekend with family or even friends becomes more enjoyable if you watch Telugu movies. It’s just not possible to be a fan of Telugu movies and have never seen at least one of their detective based movies. There are a lot of exciting and catchy stories in these films, which you will probably never forget if you see them at least once. If you haven’t seen Telugu’s even a single movie yet, then be sure to check out the below-mentioned movie. We can say that Telegu is undoubtedly the industry leader in all genres of film. One of the greatest detective movies is released in 2019 as well.

Agent SaiSreenivasAthreya

After Agent SaiSreenivasAthreya wakes up in the middle of the night, he finds out that his mother is dead and cremated by his uncle. Three years later, the agent becomes a detective in Nellore. The detective solves many cases. Sirish, who is the friend of the agent, informs him about an unidentified body in Venkatachalam. While this agent was going there, the police arrested the agent. In jail, he met MaruthiRao, who told the agent the story about his daughter Divya, who had gone to Ongole but didn’t return. The agent started an investigation. The father of the girl gave him the numbers of the last contacts of his daughter. The agent, SaiSreenivasAthreya, investigated and found out who were the latest contacts of the girl. The Agent and Sneha followed these last contacts for all day long, who went to the various shops such as rental cars, railroads, and mortuary. In the end, The Agent recognizes Divya, the lost girl somewhere at a highway who didn’t speak Telugu. The agent became arrested again, and he found out that MaruthiRao made up the entire story. The rest of the movie isabout how the agent will come over the problems. You can watch videos online in a 100% Telugu ott platform.