The Quality of Pizza, Its Making and the Best Pizza Restaurant

The dough is essential in judging the quality of an East Coast Style pizza. Pizza lovers attach great importance to it. The dough should be crisp and light, with a good hold, good and digestible. It is the rigorous selection of raw materials, and respect for the dough at each stage of production that will give the final quality of the pizza.

From Sisters Pizza, you can now have the best quality pizza menu along with the Mediterranean dishes that are perfect for your tastebuds. This restaurant was established in memory of the sister of the older sister, Kate Green. The pizza restaurant is literally the hub house for different communities coming together and having a good time with the best meals, bear and of course best pizza. This is the San Diego Pizza Place that is perfect for you choice.

The Use of the best Ingredients

The realization of quality dough is more complex than it seems. The dough is made up of flour, water, olive oil, salt and yeast or leaven depending on the pizza maker.

Wheat flour:  it is the essential element since it represents the first ingredient by weight in the dough. Flour is the founding base of good pizza dough. There are 2 flour offers on the market: French flours and Italian flours specially developed for pizza.

Water:  it represents about 40% of the dough, it must be irreproachable at the bacteriological and taste level.

Oil:  it is first cold pressed olive oil to respect tradition. The oil has an important taste function in the dough. It keeps the dough, avoiding drying out. It acts on the taste, preservation and elasticity of the dough at the same time.

Salt:  in addition to its flavor which reveals the other aromas of the dough, it helps to strengthen the hold of the dough, it gives it a beautiful golden color, and it contributes to its good conservation. Indispensable in the production of a quality paste, it can be fine, quarry or seafood.

Yeasts:  when they are added as such in the mixer, we speak of direct impasto.

Making pizza dough

The dough making is still debated among pizzaiolos and this subject will never be closed as the diversity of methods diverges depending on the pizzaiolo, his geographical location, and his working environment.

Why Are We Talking About 

In Sisters Pizza you will be having a great deal of menu options, including, Fried Calamari, Mozarella Sticks, Fried Artichokes, Grilled Caesar, Caprese, Tomato Bisque, Grilled Cheese Sticks for kids and many other items. But the East Coast styled Pizzas are actually the apple of the eyes for the people of the neighboring areas. No matter what the age group is, they are all welcome to this pizza restaurant for having a great time. 

Modest Mouse, Pepperoni Patty, Miss Piggy, OBecian, Livin’ on the Veg, Chickie Chickie Parm Parm, Don Ho, Rooftop BBQ all these and more pizzas are available here in Sisters Pizza now. Just grab on to the right options and enjoy your meals right here for you.