Things to look before selecting your SMSF administrator

Many people run their SMSF on their own, but running an SMSF may not be as simple as it looks on the paper. There are number of obligations and compliance issues that crop up from time to time, and you are stuck with no clue about them.

You need help of experienced people who run SMSF on professional basis for people, who wish to handle their investments themselves, but have little or no idea about administration or management. If you are one of those that need professional help, you should explore the market very well.

Charges from clients

There are many SMSF administration companies in the market, that show very few charges on their website, but charge heavily from their clients on pretext of services not included in their menu. They have many types of hidden charges that are not disclosed to clients when they sign contract, but once they are employed, they tend to milk their clients in many ways.

Apart from raising undue bills for services, they also indulge in taking commissions from third parties for services like opening your SMSF bank account in their choice of bank, or compelling you to use their choice of platform to make investments.

So, you must choose a company that charges only for the services that they provide and have no hidden charges.

Professional Qualification

Many people open SMSF administrating companies even though they may not be professionally qualified to do so. All SMSF auditors are required by law to be either members of the Institute of Chartered Accountants, or the Certified Practicing Accountants or the National Institute of Accountants.

Transparent working

Many SMSF funds end up losing lots of money because companies managing their working are not transparent with the owners of the fund. They continue to invest on behalf of their clients while suffering huge losses. Instead, if the reveal the actual position of the fund to the owners, their losses could be curtailed and investments diverted to more profitable options.

The biggest problem arises during the audit of the fund. When auditors find problems and issues in the fund management, the owners are not in the position to clear their position, resulting in heavy fines and penalties.

Therefore, you must talk to the company before contracting about transparency issue and that no major decision can be taken without your consent.


As per government law, all SMSFs need to get their accounts audited every year by an approved auditor. The auditor needs to be a member of Institute of chartered accountants and should possess the necessary qualification to conduct an audit.

The government of Australia is very stringent with individuals and organizations for taxes. All individuals and organizations are required to pay their taxes on time or there are very heavy fines and penalties for delay in payments.


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