Tips to build a family home

If you’re thinking about building a house and looking for some suggestions, here are some tips that you should follow before building a family home.

If you have simply bought a property to build a family duplex home, the first thing that would strike your head would be to look for a good builder. However, instead of getting a home built from scratch you can pick a property that is already built by a reputed builder and customize it as per your convenience.

If you haven’t already selected where you want to live and are in the process of exploring some options, there would be a whole bunch of great deals that you can find. However, since there are houses popping up everywhere in Bangalore, it is better that you spend some time looking for a property that would be a perfect family home for you.

Basically a house building job comprises of 3 major items, getting a blueprint, a detailed construction schedule and budget limitations. So if you have seen some great brochures sent to you by your builder and made an investment, don’t think that your job is done. You will have to pay attention to every little point.

  1. Blueprint:

A blueprint is basically a document that shows how a project is going to be built, what’s your house going to be like. If you don’t already have a blueprint being submitted to you by your builder, ask for it. In case you don’t like something, get it updated before the plan reaches in its construction schedule. Right from the architect to the other people involved in construction, everyone should follow an aligned blueprint.

  1. Detailed schedule:-

Do not engage in a building project unless a legal and completely detailed construction schedule is shared with you. This schedule should offer you a detailed description of the aspects such as:

  • When the trim carpenter is going to come?
  • Which week that the painter going to show up?
  • Which week the roofer is going to show up?
  • When the grading is going to be done?
  • When are you going to CO (certificate of occupancy} date?

Once you have got everything in writing, use it to keep track of the entire construction plan and its progress. Although there could be issues such as weather conditions, unwanted strikes, etc. that could have an effect or delay the construction, some basic issues or carelessness should be avoided.


The third piece of the construction puzzle is the budget, that you decided to invest. Building a home is not just about bricks and mortar but also involves other items such as flooring, light fixtures, picking up the faucets, plumbing activities, etc. Don’t wait to make decisions on these until the very last minute and plan it properly or else you will be slowing the process down.

Figure out what you are going to do and do it in a clear path in building a house, get the labour sources up, work on duplex house interior design and you’ll be a great experience and an awesome house meeting your requirements.