Traveling After Retirement: Tips for Seniors Who Want Adventure

Your retirement gives you time and money to do whatever you want, including travel. If you have always had an appetite for adventure, now is the right time to put on your shoes and start exploring the world.

Do not let age stop you. Here are tips that will make your trip fun, safe, and memorable. 

Planning Your Destination

If you are currently nursing health conditions, the number of activities and places you can explore might be limited. First, check your doctor. As much as you want to trek the legendary Inca Trail in Peru, it might not be good for you. You might endanger yourself by pushing your limits too far. 

Before you leave, create a plan and share it with your doctor. They will be able to make recommendations according to your current situation. For example, joining Alaska halibut fishing trips might be more ideal for those who have mobility issues. The activity will not require you to move around as much and there will be people around you to monitor and help you out. 

Get Vaccinated

When you are older, your immune system is more vulnerable to illnesses. If you are heading to another country, make sure that your vaccinations are up-to-date. 

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends that seniors get inoculated with the MMR (measles, mumps, rubella) vaccine, flu vaccine, and tetanus vaccine. Tetanus, in particular, is common among people aged 65 and older. 

Additional vaccines are also required if you are going to countries where there are outbreaks of certain diseases. If you are going to Brazil, for example, you should be vaccinated to avoid hepatitis A, typhoid, and yellow fever.

Consider Going with a Senior Tour Group

A tour group will be a fun way to explore a new place. You have a guide and there will be an assurance that the sites your will visit are welcoming to older adults. 

Moreover, it is a great opportunity for you to meet friends. Seniors are at a high risk of depression due to the lack of social interaction. With a tour group, you will spend time and forge relationships with people who are in the same age group and have the same interests

Safety Precautions Apply

Anyone who travels should follow basic safety precautions in order to avoid getting into an accident, losing their belongings, and becoming ill. 

You should always be vigilant of your surroundings. Wherever you are, whether you are in Asia or in Europe, there will always be bad people who want to take advantage of your unfamiliarity of the area. Do not leave your bags unattended and keep your wallet as well as your passport in a secure location. There are anti-theft items you can purchase to deter robbers and scammers. 

If you are tired, head straight to the hotel and rest. You would not want to fall asleep out in the open. 

Do not give your personal information to strangers. Making friends is okay, but do not share details that will compromise your safety. 


Once you are set, pack your bags and go. Traveling is a good hobby for seniors because you get to experience new cultures, open your mind to new ideas, and see the world with fresh new eyes. Just remember to bring your medication and prioritize your health and safety wherever you end up.