Water Consumption: How much do you need?

We need to drink water every day. The only real question is how much and how often. Water makes up between 47% to 59% of a person’s weight. Your body needs water for practically every function.

Your blood is nearly 90% water, and in all the internal functions of the body, water acts as a transfer agent to move nutrients and chemicals to tissues and to take waste products away. Your body takes excess heat away through perspiration.

How much you need to drink depends upon where you live and what activities you do. If you are an athlete or television football fan, your water needs will be different. If you are healthy, your needs will differ from when you are sick. You should check Alkaline hydrogen water benefits for your healthy body.

On average, a person will need about two and a half to three quarts of water, more or less.  The general rule of thumb is to take your weight in pounds, then divide that number in half, to get the number of ounces of water you need each day. If you have water easily available to you, and you grab a drink, you probably needed it.

Amazingly, healthy skin is about 64% water. The water we drink goes through the digestive system, into the bloodstream, and then into our skin.

Our skin, as anybody who has ever been cut would know, is filled with small blood veins whose main function is to provide water and nutrients to our skin. Those veins can swell when unhealthy, becoming varicose.