What do People Consider Technology as an Enabler

A majority of people have been of the belief that technology has been known to drive innovation. However, it would not be deemed true. You should rest assured that technology has been deemed an opportunity that defines innovation. It would be the technology that enables innovation. You may have a technology for building better mousetrap. However, if you did not have mice or the old mousetrap works well, there would be no opportunity. The technology for building a better mouse trap would become irrelevant.

Alternatively, if you were on the overrun with the mice, the opportunity would exist for innovation of a product that uses your technology. Yet another example would be that a majority of people would be familiar with. It has been the consumer electronics startup companies. Most people may have been associated with both, the ones that succeed and the ones that have failed. Both would be entailing unique leading edge technologies. However, the major difference would be the opportunity. The ones that have failed may not have been able to find a chance to develop a meaningful innovation by using their technology.

In order to survive, these companies would be required to morph at times into something that would be entirely different. However, if they were lucky, they could make the most of the derivatives of their original technology. It would be pertinent to mention here that often the original technology would wind up in a heap of scrap. You should rest assured that technology has been deemed an enabler whose ultimate value would be to propose making improvements in the lives of the people. Therefore, simply to become relevant, technology would require creating innovations that have been driven by opportunity.

It would not be wrong to suggest that technology has a competitive benefit as well. A majority of companies have been known to consider technology as one of their competitive benefits.