What Hemp Oil Can Do For Pain

Cannabis dates back to 1545 in North America. Cannabis Sativa grows wild throughout many humid and tropical parts.

The Cannabis Sativa Plant has two variations, hemp and marijuana. Depending on the THC level, depends on if you get a mind altering effect. Hemp has 0.03% THC while marijuana has above 0.03% THC. There are over 900 products today made from the two variations.

The plant is made up of over 113 chemical compounds called cannabinoids. The two main cannabinoids are THC and CBD.

CBD influences the brain and nerve pathways. Basically, it affects how you perceive pain. It increases adenosine signaling, a molecule to reduce swelling. By reducing swelling, it eases pain.

How To Use Hemp Oil

Hemp Oil for pain is easy and convenient to use because it can be applied, inhaled or ingested. You can apply Hemp Oil to your body with lotions, salves or massage oil. Hemp Oil also comes in a tincture, allowing you to put a few drops under your tongue.

This allows it to be absorbed into your bloodstream quickly. Hemp Oil can be ingested through pills, capsules, gummies, edibles or baking mixes. Then, you can get Vape juice with CBD to smoke in a vaporizer.

If you are having spasms or back pain, you might want to try massage oils or lotions. While someone with abdominal pain would want to try edibles.

Hemp Oil For Chronic Pain

Since the US is in the middle of the opioid epidemic, Hemp Oil appeared just in time. It’s not addictive, it’s healthy to use and you don’t need a prescription.

There were some studies done in 2018 that assessed how CBD works to help chronic pain. Researchers concluded that CBD works effectively in overall pain and doesn’t cause side effects. There were various types of pain examined: fibromyalgia, cancer and neuropathy pain.

Hemp Oil For Arthritis Pain

In 2016, a study was done applying CBD to rats for four straight days. Researchers found that there were no side effects. There was reduced swelling and reduced overall pain in the joints of the rats.

More human studies are needed, but it was concluded that CBD could possibly help people with Arthritis.

Hemp Oil For Migraines

The use of CBD for migraines studies are very limited. There are studies that add THC with CBD for migraines. In a 2017 study, it indicates that CBD combined with THC can lead to less intense and acute migraines. Also, people with cluster headaches found relief with this combination.

Hemp Oil For Cancer

Mice research has shown that CBD can shrink cancerous tumors.

The National Cancer Institute recommends CBD for reducing chemotherapy side effects. These are: pain, lack of appetite and vomiting.

Hemp Oil For MS

Sativex is a treatment for spasm and spasticity related to MS. It’s a cannabis-based medicine prescribed only in the UK.

According to an article posted in 2018, front tears according to an article posted in 2018, Frontiers In Neurology, states that CBD doesn’t alter blood pressure, heart rate or body temperature.

Psychological or psychomotor functions or negatively affected. Also, CBD can offer positive pharmacological effects because it’s anti-oxidative, antiemetic, anti-inflammatory and anti-psychotic.

However, there have been no studies to conclude that CBD alone has any benefits in MS. There have been studies with the combination of CBD and THC that proved to reduce pain and spasticity in MS.

Uses Of Hemp Oil

It’s truly amazing at the health benefits of Hemp Oil. It’s relatively inexpensive when you think of doctor bills and prescription meds. It’s not just for pain though.

You can use it for dry skin, whether it’s your hands and feet or your dry scalp. Rub some on your nails to strengthen them. Hemp Oil will dissolve oils and waxes in make up, making it a wonderful make up remover.

You can condition your hair by massaging a tablespoon into your scalp before shampooing. Also, it’ll reduce acne if you massage it onto problem areas. To support overall health, you should use the pills or edibles daily.

Why People Use Hemp Oil

Last December, the Farm Act that legalized the cultivation of hemp was signed into law. Since then, many CBD products have appeared. Studies show that 14% of people in the US use CBD.

According to a recent study, people use CBD as follows:

  • (Nonspecific) pain 40%
  • Anxiety 20%
  • Sleep 11%
  • Arthritis 8%
  • Migraines 5%
  • Stress 5%
  • Spasms 4%
  • Overall Health 4%
  • Mental Health 4%
  • Recreational 4%
  • Depression 2%
  • Skincare 2%
  • Pets 1%
  • Gastrointestinal Problems 1%
  • Other 7%

The FDA is researching the effectiveness and uses of CBD. There’s a wide variety of medical and therapeutic benefits to CBD products.