Out of every 10 people, 5 are suffering from addiction. Whether it is alcohol, drugs, or cigarettes, all types of addiction are bad for your health. But unfortunately, many people including teenagers are addicted to substances and other stuff.

A rehabilitation center is the first step to getting sober or clean. They use a combination of psychological and medical care to help you get rid of your addiction. Rehabilitation centres Johannesburg help addicts learn the way to stay sober.

However, every rehab is different and the care you will receive depends on the therapy or program you choose. In this post, we will try to give you a brief idea of what to expect in rehabilitation centres in Johannesburg.

What happens in a rehabilitation center before treatment?

Before starting your therapy or treatment, they perform certain formalities that are very crucial for the process. This is to give your doctor or therapist information on how to treat you the right way.

  • Consultation

The first step is where you get consulted by a therapist or a representative. They will discuss your case and also answer your questions. This consultation session is organised to help you with your preparatory planning. During this session you will get to know about your treatment procedure, how long will it last, and everything else related to addiction therapy. You can also clear your doubts and queries if you have any.

  • Psychological assessment

Before starting with your treatment, they will carry out a full psychological assessment. You will be assigned a psychiatrist who will assess your mental and emotional state. The expert will try to figure out if you have a comorbid disorder such as depression, anxiety, etc. They will use this information to come up with the best treatment plan for you.

  • Physical assessment

After assessing your mental state, they will also assess you physically. You will be assigned a physician who will work with you to understand your level of addiction. The expert will also try to determine any health problems that could hinder your recovery. The treatment you will receive is based on these important factors. They will curate a personalised treatment plan based on your addiction level and the severity of withdrawal.

  • Personalised treatment plan

Every addict is different and has different requirements. Therefore, a single treatment plan will not work for everyone. Your therapist and physician will work together to curate the best treatment plan for you. They will provide you a plan from which you can benefit yourself. A proper custom treatment plan includes therapy sessions, detox, physical and nutrition coaching, and aftercare. Some clinics may also include a complementary treatment schedule in your plan. If you are looking for a reputable rehab in Johannesburg, then you should visit this site: https://rehabhelper.co.za/clinics/south-africa/johannesburg. So these are the crucial formalities that are generally performed in rehab centers. This is the standard procedure followed by most rehabs.

Benefits of Going to Rehabilitation

When your addiction goes beyond control you need additional help to get rid of it. This is where rehab centers come into the scene. There is nothing to be embarrassed about about going to a rehab center. These centers exist to help people get sober and get back to their normal lives. Going to rehab means you have the urge to get clean.

  • Professional help

When you go to a rehab center, you sign-up for professional help. There you have counsellors, therapists, and physicians who can help you get rid of your addiction. Seeking professional help is any day a better option. That’s because they know what’s good for you and will guide you through the right path. Not just that, but they will also help you recover soon and keep a check on your health.

  • Custom treatment plan

In rehab, you are given a custom treatment plan. This treatment program is designed solely for you, after assessing your level of addiction, mental and physical state, and other factors. A custom treatment plan ensures you quick results. If you want to get rid of your addiction, then enrolling yourself in rehab is probably the best thing to do.

  • Sense of community

Having a good support system helps you better cope with your addiction treatment. A rehabilitation center has a community of counsellors, staff, and fellow recovering addicts. They all give you a sense of community so that you recover better. This is a community that understands your addiction problems and helps you get clean. Sometimes you also get the chance to find genuine love and friendship within this community.

Addiction of all sorts is harmful for your life and health. You should avoid addiction at all costs. But for those who want to get sober, going to a rehab center is the best option for you.