Why a Hike on the Tour Monte Rosa is a Must Have Adventure

People talk about getting away from it all, but there are few places to truly get away from the dizzy whirl of modern life anymore. Too few true adventures remain.

But a trip through the Italian and Swiss Alps, not as a tourist, but as a hiking trekker of these mountains, offers one true adventure experience that is unique and unforgettable.

Overseas Adventure Travel

The Tour Monte Rosa is overseas adventure travel of the highest order. The tour is filled with classic Alpine hikes and matchless mountain views.

You may climb through pastures to nearly 9200 feet and the Colle di Nina to catch first views of the peaks between Monte Rosa and the Matterhorn, then descend to St. Jacques through craggy outcroppings, open meadows, and spectacular Alpine scenery.

The Tour dips through rustic countryside in the Aosta and Piedmont regions and into Switzerland to encircle Monte Rosa, the highest Swiss Alp peak.

A mix of picturesque villages and different cultures dot the countryside, available to visit. One of the great hiking trails of the Alps leads to the high meadow known as the Hohenbalmen, and to an unforgettable view of the north face of the Matterhorn and the entire Mischabel Range.

Timeless Adventure

There may be days on this trek through the mountains when no roads, cars, machinery, or bikes can be seen. Days that feel like you’ve travelled through time as well as countryside. Overseas adventure travel may not be for the faint of heart.

But the majestic beauty of the Italian and Swiss Alps will stun you as it has stunned centuries of adventurers who have travelled these mountains.

The knowledge and guidance of those who already know the countries, the mountains, and their history can permit an overseas adventure travel  trip of a lifetime on the Tour Monte Rosa.