Why Does Planet Need Sustainable Packaging?

A business thrives if it has a sustainable business model in its kitty. Going green today is not a niche aspect right now and more entities are engaging themselves in going green. The practices of sustainability have become more of a standard today and here is how you can save the planet by going plastic-free.

Lower Carbon Footprint

Eco-friendly packages are made out of recycled waste that heavily reduces resource consumption. This might cost a bit but in the long run, it is quite beneficial.

Easily Disposable

Sustainable packaging aims at delivering products that can easily decompose or get recycled back again. This also paves a way of lowering down the wastage.


These packages are quite versatile and find multiple re-uses even after the first use has been done. They can meet almost every type of need and reduce the cost heavily.

Lesser Harmful Plastics

The ongoing traditional methods of packaging require materials that lead to severe environmental issues and ultimately to global warming. Eco-friendly packaging leads to reduced plastic usage by almost entirely. Non-sustainable petrochemical materials that normally find usage in packaging leads to a lot of energy consumption and also litter places that do not require them. When the same packaging techniques are used with food, they can at times react severely to pose serious health threats.

Consolidated Storage

Packaging material reduction and waste minimisation are two larger aspects that sustainable packaging looks forward to. If the implementation is on point, they surely lead to storage that is much more efficient than others. Your warehouse storage can be re-planned and reduced and open up avenues for additional storage spaces.

Lesser Shipping Costs

Shipping lighter packages are both sustainable and cost you less while you ship. The smaller packages are surely going to help your carrier too to carry much more at a single shot.

Increment of Brand Loyalty

Consumers are way more attracted to brands that display their willingness to go sustainable. About 48% of the consumers are ready to shift their consumption behaviors that do not impact the planet and hence businesses who offer plastic-free packaging will be readily attended by them.  


These materials mostly aim at reducing, reusing, and recycling and that is what the planet demands right now.

Emballage durable Netpak is responding to the global call for sustainability and ensure their packages meet all the standards that an ideal green-packaging must possess.