Civil and commercial litigation is entirely different from what you know about criminal lawsuits. In fact, the most common reason that people end up losing a civil lawsuit is that they hire a criminal lawyer instead of a civil lawyer. The one difference that’s the borderline between civil and criminal lawsuits is that civil cases are a result of a dispute that happens between different individuals and/or businesses, but a criminal case is the one where the crime has already taken place. Which is why if you’ve suffered a monetary or financial loss, it’s a civil lawyer that you should hire to increase the chances of winning. 

That established, let’s now take you through some of the reasons that only a few attorneys like the Liebman Legal civil & commercial litigation attorneys are to be trusted. Have a look!

  1. Experience is the Key

Experience of the lawyer matters the most when it comes to fighting a civil lawsuit against the person(s) or businesses that you’re accusing of fraud. Only experienced attorneys are fully aware of:

  • All kinds of civil laws laid by the Canadian government. 
  • The fact that time is of the most essence when it comes to filing a lawsuit. 
  1. Communication Skills Matter

A lawyer who can strongly present your case in the court will be able to put forth the facts in front of the jury in the best possible way. You don’t want someone who wouldn’t be able to defend your case against the many claims that the accused party will present against you. 

  1. It’s Necessary to Understand the Value of Investigation

Did you know that attorneys at legal firms like Liebman Legal carry out their individual research aside from the facts that you provide them with? And this is the reason that they’re able to defend your case so strongly in the court. Some of their work ethics are as follows. 

  • They study the case matter many times over and over again to ensure that they’re not leaving behind any key detail. 
  • They analyze all the documents to find in-depth details about the fraud in order to ascertain that your claim can actually be filed as a civil lawsuit to save your money as well as time.

Some of the civil and commercial matters that they have successfully represented in the Quebec court of appeal and even the Supreme Court include the following.

  1. Class action defense
  2. Employment law
  3. Franchise law and insurance law
  4. Commercial and corporate litigation
  5. Constitutional law
  6. Bankruptcy and insolvency
  7. Environment law
  8. Medical, professional, and product liability
  9. Illegal and unfair competition
  10. Price-fixing and administrative law

These are but a few cases and sectors that they represent. You can contact them to find out more about the sectors and cases that they represent under the civil and commercial lawsuits.