Will Car Maintenance Be a Thing of the Future?

Cars have changed in a number of ways. In the past, more people performed regular car maintenance tasks along with minor repairs.

However, today’s cars have become so technologically advanced that not a lot of people can do DIY vehicle maintenance and repairs.

Technicians Versus Mechanics

Mechanics are in a state of transition to become technicians. The software systems that make cars smarter today do need updates from time to time.

Currently, mechanics already do a surprising amount of software programming along with car maintenance duties.

In the future, it’s possible the computer systems will be able to do their own software updates without the intervention of a mechanic. There are still issues to iron out on what type of connection is best. It may be also possible to operate cars through mobile if you missing car keys.

For current mechanics, there is already a growing shortage of technicians that can work with the advanced technologies of today’s vehicles.

More experienced technicians may be available at car dealers since they will have knowledge about your specific brand of car.

Less Maintenance in the Future

The newer technology reduces the overall number of trips you need to make to the service department at car dealers. An example is that automatic braking results in less wear and tear.

Regularly scheduled service intervals are getting longer and longer. The old advice of an oil changes every 3,000 miles is a thing of the past and now many new cars have oil changes at every 5,000 miles. Synthetic oils can stretch this interval even longer.

Cost of Car Maintenance

The downside of the new technology is that it does make repairs more expensive. If you need to fix a dented bumper, it’s a lot more expensive and complicated if the bumper is also the home for a key sensor to one of the safety systems.