5 Life Insurance Questions You’re Too Embarrassed to Ask

Buying a term insurance policy does come with its own set of challenges. There are many questions that you may want your insurance agent to help you with and some of them could be quite awkward. However, you should not shy away from asking them anyway. Here are five life insurance questions we all are too embarrassed to ask but should ask them anyway. 

  1. Am I too overweight to invest in a policy?

This is not true. When you apply for a policy, you will be asked to take a medical examination, which will check your height, blood group, and weight. In case you are a little overweight or need to shed a few kilos, you could be charged a higher premium. However, you will at least remain covered if there is an emergency. 

  1. Am I too young to opt for a life insurance policy?

 There is a common misconception that you do not need life insurance if you are young. However, this is a wrong thought. If you meet with an unfortunate accident, you could end up exposing your loved ones to huge financial risks. In reality, the younger you are, the cheaper your insurance premium will be. The opposite concept applies to older applicants as the premium increases with age. This is why you need to invest in a life insurance policy at a young age. It might get difficult to find a suitable life insurance plan after you have crossed the retirement age due to possible health-related problems and higher premiums.

  1. I have an alcohol problem, I smoke, and I am bipolar. Can I apply for a life insurance policy?

An insurance agent cannot expose the personal details of a customer. It is advisable to reveal the accurate medical details at the time of opting for a life insurance policy. If you lie in your application, it will be denied. You need to discuss your personal details such as your lifestyle and bad habits, if any, with the agent and be honest about it. Ask all the questions to your insurance agent and simplify the details before buying a policy. 

  1. Can I leave the money to someone other than my partner? 

As a policy owner, you have the sole right to decide your nominee. You can choose anyone and it is perfectly fine if you want to nominate someone other than your spouse. 

  1. Can I apply as a non-smoker even though I am an occasional smoker?

You will be classified as a smoker even if you smoke occasionally. It is advisable not to hide any of your habits and health concerns from the insurance provider. If the insurance company finds out at a later stage, your claims might not be accepted. 

Do not shy away from asking any life insurance questions to your insurance provider. It is your right to get complete information about life insurance plans before you invest in one.