5 Things to Mind When Choosing a Drug Test Shampoo

The drug test is mandatory in a lot of countries around the world. It is also mandatory in the USA when you’re applying for a job or when your employer decides to make one to check if their employees are free from narcotics.

At the same time, so many people around the globe love to spend time with drugs after their working hours and over the weekends. Marijuana is one of the most commonly accessible and you can find it everywhere around the world.

In many countries and states in America, this one is also legal for recreational use. This, still, isn’t stopping people to test you and prevent your working if they found out you’ve been smoking.

There are millions of people just in the USA that are regular users of some kind of illicit drug. Check out this page to find out more about the free drug use in the USA.

A lot of them have their own jobs and when the testing comes they need to find a way to protect their working place. Especially because if they are official drug users it will be really hard to find another job anytime soon.

For this, people are using shampoos to clean their hair of the toxins built up there from the use of narcotics. If the employer wants the follicle test, the workers who know that might be caught must pay special attention when choosing the best shampoo for cleaning up.

In this article, we’re talking about the 5 most important things you need to mind before choosing the best one. Read on and find out which are they!

1. Being healthy and not damaging your hair

One of the most problematic things with using a shampoo for this need is keeping your hair healthy. Most of the solutions you’ll find on the market heavily damage your health. However, not all of them. Find the ones that can be used often without causing damaging.

On the internet, you’ll find lots of articles in which they say that damaging your hair is actually good before the test because this way the lab practitioners won’t be able to uncover the narcotic particles inside the follicle.

This is only partially true. If there’s a shampoo that can do a good job and you don’t have to damage the hair, then why not use this one. This means you need to find the one that is highly effective yet still pretty safe for your health. See here what the standard ingredients that regular shampoos use are: https://www.glamour.com/story/shampoo-ingredients-what-are-parabens-sulfates. These are the ones that your new one should have too.

2. Having a good reputation

Before you buy anything you simply must check out the reputation it has among the previous users. If you’re going to use something like this for the first, be sure that others are very experienced in it and have a lot of valuable information to share with you.

Open the internet and browse through sites that are dealing with this matter looking for reviews and comments about different solutions. See which one worked well and which one was not so good. Check out people’s opinions and find out what is worth spending money on.

Don’t buy things that are claiming to be excellent while at the same time people say they didn’t do anything for them. One thing is marketing and another is the real value of some product. Never spend money on something before you check the previous users experience with it.

3. Not promising miracles

If you open Amazon or some other affiliate site, you’ll see that there are more shampoos all claiming to do the job in just one day. You need to know that this is impossible.

The follicle is a part of the hair that is covered with more layers that are simply impossible to breach with just one wash. Promising miracles is not something you should buy because at the same time you’ll spend money and get no service whatsoever.

The drug in your hair is built-up inside the scalp. As the hair grows it pulls up the particles with it. When it comes out on the surface, the doctors are able to take a sample of it and see if there’s narcotic substance inside.

That’s why you need around two weeks without any drug use and constant washing with a special drug detoxification hair shampoo to get a perfect job. If you wash once, be sure that as the hair grows the narcotic substances will keep coming out on the surface and become visible.

4. Using the important ingredients

In order to fight chemicals, you need to use some other chemicals. The best-known ingredient so far is called propylene glycol. This is a substance that can reach deep inside the hair and open it up making it accessible to the water flow of your shower to clean everything inside.

This is the only miracle that can do the right job. However, this one is also not capable of doing the job overnight. You’ll need to spend a lot of time under the shower until every single one on your head is treated and you can be sure that you’re drug-free.

5. Being able to clean up everything

For a perfect job, you’ll need some time before the test. Don’t expect to do a perfect job in just one day. When the boss announces the time of the test, start working on yourself right away. In most cases, you’re going to need around 2 weeks to be completely clean.

If there’s just one hair that wasn’t treated, the lab practitioners will find it and uncover what’s inside. If they find just a little inside, they’ll come back for more. The bad thing here is that if there’s one contaminated on your head, be sure that there are others. It means that you can’t allow the practitioners to come back for another sample because that doubles the chance to get caught.