Clothing And Accessories To Wear While Riding Bike In Winter

Whether you are traveling to and from office or hitting the trail, wearing the bike-specific gears is important for an effortless drive. Bike riding clothes and accessories must be worn according to the weather and season. Riding in an extremely cold environment may not only make driving difficult, but can also lead to dangerous situations. As the winter season with icy atmosphere, chilled winds, greasy roads, and foggy weather are approaching, you must equip yourself with the following bike riding accessories to protect yourself against winter extremities and ride comfortably. 


  • High-Quality Helmet


A helmet with standard safety features is essential not just to follow the laws, but get protection from accidents. Hence, wear a helmet with removable liners, pin-lock & anti-fogging visor, and padding to get a clear vision of the view in any environmental conditions including the foggy atmosphere. 


  • Long Wrist Gloves


To give your hands and palm necessary heat, wear long wrist gloves and fold your jacket sleeves into it. Surgical gloves under the riding gloves are highly recommended in the extremely chilled weather. 


  • Put Up Necessary Clothes


Drape yourself with layered clothing if driving a bike in the long distance. Wear thermals undershirts and trousers to keep you warm throughout the day without feeling bulky. Use textile riding jackets featuring a detachable inner layer, waterproof jacket, a bomber jacket or a wind-cheater jacket with vent zips and removable winter liner to ride comfortably. Layer up your bottoms with an over-trouser to give extra protection to expensive gear underneath.  


  • Proper Footwear


Driving a bike without proper footwear may put you in the situation of feeling extremely cold and can also lead to crashes. Hence, wear motorcycle riding boots to protect your feet from cold weather and enjoy the ride even in harsh winter conditions. 


  • Balaclava 


Helmet or jacket collars cannot provide the necessary warmth to the neck in highly cold environmental conditions due to which you may start feeling dizzy much quickly. So, it is best to buy and wear high-quality balaclava that keeps the heat for the long-term. Water-proofing and fire-resistant balaclava varieties are available in the market such as featured Alpinestars balaclava to give extreme protection to your neck. 


  • Give Protection To Your Eyes


You would not be able to drive safely if your eyes are in direct exposure to the chilled winds and fog. You would not require any other gear if you are wearing a full-face helmet. But, carry goggles or glasses to keep cold winds and dust away from your sensitive eyes. 

Don’t Forget Insurance Alongside Other Accessories

According to the Motor Vehicle Act 2019, there are multiple aspects that can affect you as a vehicle’s owner and two wheeler insurance is one of them. Apart from being considered mandatory by the law, third party liability cost and personal accidents are other reasons that reflect the need of having bike insurance. A standard insurance plan will cover you against loss or damages caused due to any man-made and natural calamities.