An Ultimate Guide on Finding Proper Robe Type

You just have to check online to see numerous types of fabrics and robes that you can choose. Therefore, it is highly challenging to find the one, which is perfect for your particular requirements.

Before you enter the market, it is vital to know about different materials that you can purchase, so that you can reduce the hassle along the way. We recommend you to check out this site: so that you can find the exact one you wanted in the first place.

Stay with us to understand different fabric types for robes that will reduce the possibility of finding the lousy one.

Robe Fabric Types You Should Consider

1.   Wool

You have probably heard that wool is the first thing that pops up into people’s minds when they consider the warm material that will allow them to enjoy along the way.

It is a great choice if you live in cold areas because it will help you retain the heat, which is amazing characteristic that you will not get with other materials. The fabric is bulkier than others are, but that is one of the reasons why it can retain heat better than other materials.

The main problem with this particular material is its ability to hold water, which means that it will become heavier as it gets old.

That is the main reason why manufacturers are combining it with other fabrics such as polyester that will reduce this particular problem so that it can become more comfortable and lighter than before.

2.   Fleece

You should have in mind that it comes from polyester, which means that it is perfect solution for bathrobes because it comes with insulating and smooth properties.

At the same time, you should remember that this particular type of robes will provide you with exceptional quality of wool with additional advantages when compared with it.

Therefore, when compared with wool bathrobes, remember that fleece fabric is more affordable and lighter in general, which means that it is a great solution for people that have limited budgets and still want to get high-quality robe.

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The best thing about it is the possibility to wash it into a machine, which will reduce the hassle that you will get with a woolen robe that requires specific program for it to be cleaned.

Finally, it is eco-friendly, because this particular fabric comes from PET containers, which is another important benefit of choosing it instead of others.

3.   Flannel

This is another material, which is completely similar to wool, which means that you will be warm along the way. Even though people tend to think that flannel is old-fashioned when compared with other material types, it is considered classic, which means that you should also use it.

Back in the day, manufacturers have made it from wool, but today, the material is filled with cotton, that will provide you comforting and fuzzy feeling in general.

Remember that flannel robes are perfect and soft for the skin, which means that they will help you maintain the heat during the winter nights.

4.   Cotton Waffle

You have probably heard about square-checked or diamond robe fabric patterns that will provide you the appearance similarly as waffles, which is one of the best ways to distinguish this particular type with others.

Remember that cotton waffle robes come from 100% cotton, which means that they are absorbent, and come with possibility to shrink unless you wash it properly.

At the same time, these robes require specific washing patterns so that you can reduce their shrinking properties, which means that you should follow the instructions you get on the tag that will help you wash it properly.

Even though it lacks softness as other fabric types, it is one of the most common choices for hotel robes that you may find in the spa industry and hotels all across the globe. At the same time, it comes at reasonable price, which means that everyone can buy it.

5.   Cotton Terry

You should have in mind that Turkish and Egyptian cotton is one of the oldest fabrics available on the market and it is especially used for classic bathrobes and towels. The main reason for this is due to the perfect water absorption properties.

However, they can become thick and heavy after long-term use, which means that they are not as durable as other types and materials. At the same time, the cotton composition is prone to shrink, which means that you should follow instructions to the point.