Gift Women the Independence from the Fear of Travelling Alone

The nation is ready to celebrate yet another year of independence, patriotism will be on full swing, and people in every corner will talk about freedom. But when it comes to the freedom of women a hollow gap is seen all over. We still live in a male chauvinist society where females are abandoned to enjoy the freedom from safety concerns. We do talk about the women empowerment but, the irony is, they haven’t even got the liberty from the fear of walking alone in public.

The terms like equality or empowerments seem to be vague in Indian cities. Here, night shifts job or late evening timings in offices are said to be unsuitable for females. Parents don’t want their daughters to stay out till late evening. But let’s not blame these thoughts and mentality because it is the insecurity that grows due to the day to day in and around incidences.

Recently, an incident was reported in Bengaluru, where the driver of an app-based cab service asked the girl passenger to get down in the middle of the trip. He threatened to tear her clothes if she won’t get down of the cab. The driver was giving “unwanted” advice to the girl on how women should behave. He told her that working women should return to their places before 7 pm.

The girl got so scared due to the ill-mannered driver that she pressed the SOS button in the app. Later, she got down from the cab on an isolated area after assurance of getting another cab from the company. Unfortunately, no one turned up and later, she brought the incidence into light through social media and explained what happened that day.

This incidence has, once again, brought the cab companies into the pool of debate and their service is getting questioned. There’s a possibility of circumstances due to which Cab Company could not communicate to the girl or maybe the support service didn’t bother to get back to her and left her alone to suffer. There could be any scenario and, to avoid it in future there’s a dire need to first bridge the gap between customer and company thereby ensuring safety to them.

For this, using a car location tracker would be an ideal choice, and in India, we have KENT CamEye to ensure with the passengers’ safety. This dash cam cum GPS tracker has all those features that perfectly deal with the challenges faced by cab companies in terms of passenger’s safety and satisfaction.

It’s a first of its kind car location tracker in India designed especially, keeping in mind the need for on-road safety of Indians. It has a variety of features that are best to counter the concerns related to a safe drive.

  • Live Video Streaming

KENT CamEye offers live video streaming of inside or outside view of the car. It possesses dual cameras that allow seeing real-time in-cabin activities in the car. Cab owners or managers can take a look in case of reported exigencies or just for monitoring. They can ensure if the driver is behaving mannerly and the passenger sitting inside is being driven safely or not.

  • 2-way calling

In the above Bengaluru case, the girl also complained that the cab company called the driver and not her. The driver lied to the company that she is drunk; she kept on screaming to make her voice reach the person on the phone.

For such moments, KENT CamEye offers 2-way calling feature using which the managers or owners can give a call on the device through its mobile application. The KENT CamEye application is synced with the device to customize and access the device. The call can be placed only by the admin, and in the car it will get auto-received, establishing 2-way communication. The voice would be audible through built-in speaker and mic.

  • Trip-recordings

KENT CamEye logs each of the trips and provides in the form of data for later use. It records a time-lapse video of both the inside and outside views and uploads it on secure cloud storage. The video remains available to watch later through the KENT CamEye application. Additionally, the device also captures the data like travelled route, location and time, distance travelled, stoppages, and speed details. These details are analytically described making it easy to understand.

  • Geo-fencing

To mark another step in passengers’ security, cab companies can limit the area of travel by geo-fencing the location. The routes are pre-defined so cab managers can put a virtual boundary around the location. In case, if the driver intentionally tries to detour, or tries to evade the geo-fenced area, an alert is triggered on the mobile phone connected to the device. It helps in keeping a close watch on the cabs.

Using KENT CamEye, cab companies can help women to travel alone without any safety concerns. This Independence day cab companies can gift, the women, freedom from the fear of travelling alone, regardless of time.