Top places to visit while you are in Mexico

Mexico is a land of vivid colors, beautiful landscapes, delicious food and a rich culture. It has been one of the most popular and budget friendly tourist places among North-Americans and has recently seen a rise in people from other parts of Europe coming there for a relaxing vacation. Beautiful beaches, ancient civilization sites, great cuisine Mexico has got it all. There are a lot of websites like travelazzi that can provide you with in-depth detail about traveling to Mexico with dos and don’ts of the trip.

Mexico used to be a colony of the Spanish empire and that is evident in their culinary and culture. You can see the hint of their Spanish heritage in some of the old constructions present in Mexico. Mexico has a diverse set of climatic conditions ranging from tropical forest to barren desserts which allow the nation to have a wide diversity in flora and fauna as well.

Although there are a lot of places that you can visit in Mexico, but mentioned below are some of the best and the most popular destinations in Mexico.


  • Puerto Vallarta


One of the most popular beach destinations in whole Mexico, this beach got popularized somewhere around 1960’s as elites from North-America came there to have a relaxing vacation in the sunny and warm climate there. This beach and the area around is suitable for all age group as it offers relaxing as well as adventurous activities like jet skiing and paragliding. You can take cruise trips to the open sea and enjoy the beauty of the endless sea.


  • Cozumel


Cozumel is an island located 20Kms away from the Yucatan Peninsula. This island has everything that you want from a Vacation in Mexico. Playa Santa Rosa and Playa San Juan are just 2 of the many beautiful beaches. There are great resorts that are present across the coastline and provide you with beautiful scenery of the beach and the ocean. The island is famous for it’s under water beauty and majority of tourists that visit here go for scuba diving at Palancar reef.


  • Fortress of Tulum


This is the only known fortified settlement of the ancient Mayans which dates back to the 13th century. This ancient city still has the remains of once a healthy and flourishing culture. This place has religious importance due to the presence of a lot of ancient Mayan temples like the Templo de los Frescos or the Temple of Frescos. It has some eye catching scenery of the ancient Mayan ruins along with the sea and beautiful cliffs.


  • Ciudad De Mexico


Ciudad de Mexico or the Mexico City is a place of strategic and historic importance as it is the capital of the country. This is one of the most popular alternate tourist destinations of Mexico. It has a lot of museums and art galleries along with the historic city centre (Centro Historico de la Ciudad) which is an UNESCO world heritage site which contains approximately 1400 buildings from the 15-16th century Spanish colonial buildings. Apart from all this, the city is overlooked by beautiful volcanic mountains ranges which just boost its beauty.