JIO’s List of Plans for Work From Home Users

When it comes to mobile data, Jio is always at the frontline. Jio has completely changed the terrain of mobile Internet in India since the day it was launched in India. The Internet has become accessible to common people in a way that it had never been before. With the Covid-19 pandemic in full swing, there are lots of people who can work from home. For such people, it is necessary that there be a good network connection at home. It is possible to connect laptops and other devices to the Internet through mobile hotspot.

Let us check what the plans from Jio look like at the moment. If you want to avail cashback, try using the Airtel Payments Bank platform for the payments.

  • Rs. 151 – The lowest plan that is available in the ‘work from home’ category is this one. One thing that you need to understand about these plans is that they do not offer calling facilities. You would not even be able to receive calls. While you would be able to use the data during this period, if you need to make calls, some other plan needs to be chosen. These plans are great if you need to use Jio dongles. This plan would get you 30 GB of 4G data for 30 days, unlike most other plan where the validity is only for 28 days.

If you are going to work from home for quite some time, you use the longer plans. Rs. 1208 is an amalgamation of 8 such Rs. 151 plans, getting you 240 days of validity and Disney + Hotstar VIP subscription as an added bonus.

  • Rs. 201 – If you are looking for a plan that is slightly better, this is the one that you are looking for. This plan would get you 40 GB of data over a period of 30 days. Even with this plan, you would get no benefits of voice calls. This plan is meant only to offer data.

If you are looking for a longer plan, you can try out Rs. 1206. This is a combination of 6x Rs. 201 plans. Thus, the total validity would be 180 days. 40 GB of data would be available every month. You will also get a Disney + Hotstar VIP subscription with this Jio recharge online plan.

  • Rs. 251 – If you would like to go with a better plan, a Jio recharge online of Rs. 251 would suffice. This plan gets you 50 GB of data. However, unlike the data vouchers, these plans offer validity. 4G data vouchers are valid for the period of your existing plans. These ‘work from home’ plans would have a separate validity of their own.

Rs. 1004 is a combination of 4 data vouchers, each costing Rs. 251. This plan would also get you a Disney + Hotstar VIP subscription.

This is a list of work from home plans for Jio users. Also, Jio recharge online from the Airtel Payments Bank platform will save your money in the form of cashback.