Protecting Your Air Compressor in Cold Weather

Air compressors are designed to operate in ambient temperatures between about 5C and 35C, and when outdoor weather conditions drop below this in late autumn and winter problems can become apparent such as freezing.

Low temperatures can cause several issues within compressed air systems, with the majority of these problems primarily related to the fluids within the compressor. Today we are going to be listing just some of the things that can go wrong when air compressors face freezing conditions, hopefully providing individuals with the information needed to avoid a range of possible problems.

5 Tips to Protect your Air Compressors from Cold Weather

Regularly drain the condensate from your compressor system

In cold weather the condensate can freeze and in turn cause blockages and damage within the compressor system therefore when cold it is important that you carry out these checks as much as possible. You could even consider fitting an auto drain system to manage condensate automatically.

Fit cabinet heating inside your compressor cabinet

A simple low power heater can be fitted inside your compressor cabinet or room to ensure that temperatures don’t drop to dangerous levels.

Use trace heating with appropriate lagging on external pipework

Use trace heating and lagging on outside pipes to stop any condensate from freezing within pipes, this is important to prevent problems of ice being blown into downstream plant.

Make sure your compressor has been serviced regularly

Ensure that you get your air compressor serviced on a regular basis! You should at least make sure that you do this at least one year and just before the temperatures start to drop if possible.

Don’t forget your dryers and filters

Do not disregard the importance of your compressor’s filters and dryers, these are really important components when it comes it protecting air compressor systems from cold temperatures.

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