Storage Unit Security Myths Busted!

Storage units can be very convenient. Whether you are in-between places and need a place to store your belongings, or if your home just isn’t large enough to store everything that you have, storage units are a great place to keep your things.

If you are worried about keeping your belongings in a storage unit because of the things that you heard, you shouldn’t worry. Many of the things that you have heard about storage unit security are just myths. Here are a few of the most common ones.

Myth: Anyone Can Steal My Stuff

Some people are worried about using a storage unit because they think that their belongings won’t be safe from theft. Reputable companies will have security fences and gates.

They also have electronic keypad access and alarm systems. You can be sure that nobody will get into your storage unit unless you want them to.

Myth: Employees Are Not On-Site Often

Many people believe that because you can access your storage unit whenever you want without the help from an employee, that there are no employees on-site. This is not true. Most reputable storage facilities have an employee working for the entire day to answer calls, rent out units, and take payments.

Myth: You Are Required To Purchase Additional Insurance for Your Public Storage

Some storage companies require customers to purchase insurance, which would require an additional fee. This fee will increase the monthly cost of the unit. It is best to find a facility that will accept your renter’s or homeowner’s insurance policy.

Myth: If You Are a Day Late On Your Payment, Your Belongings Will Be Auctioned Off

If you stop making payments on your unit, your belongings can be auctioned off; however, this takes time. If you are 14 days late, the storage facility must send you a written notice to make your payment.

After another 14 days, they would need to send you a notice of lien sale. If you do nothing, the facility must wait another 14 days before they can auction off your belongings. This means that the facility must wait at least 42 days before they can auction off your belongings.